SICK of optical fiber sensors

by:FOT     2020-07-01
Electronic industry | flexible intelligent detection scheme & ndash; — With miniaturization of zui big challenge strategic

narrow space condition, the size of the tiny objects and custom parts design poses challenges to the production of electronic components and equipment. SICK with the sensor and properly combined with intelligent solutions & ndash; — Ensure that the flexible zui small corner can reliably detect objects. Electronics industry requires high flexibility, sensor technology, it must be adapted to the their needs in the form of intelligent adaptive & ndash; — Integration, adjustment, logic & ndash; — To match the relevant application and testing tasks.

process decision result

this meet the requirements of the application of sensor solutions starting point is to choose an appropriate and its specific specifications: plastic fiber or glass fiber, shape and size of shoe, protective materials and large Angle detection and small specifications of the head & ndash; — SICK of the can be adapted to almost any application environment.

seize the detection key

WLL180T series fiber optic sensor for corresponding detection task, very small spot for identifying objects and features provide the ideal basis in the field of automation. As a result, even the existence of reliable inspection micron grade tiny objects has become a piece of cake. WLL180T high number of conform to the requirements of the application of under the condition of narrow installation can also be used to check such as integrated circuit of small pins. Even if the distance is far, sensors can also collect object & ndash; subtle changes in the — Even in inaccessible to the location of the machinery and equipment. In bus mode synchronization can be zui 16 sensors, to avoid the interference generated in head installed side by side, Anti-interference design) 。

in addition, the bus technology is easy to use, and reduce the workload of wiring. This also is helpful for debugging: by bus, use a separate a teaching cable, can set a sensor all copied to all other sensors in bus networks.

fast switch output is the key of

in the electronic industry, production automation and objects to check more and more high-tech, it depends on sensors for stable and reliable.

, for example, in the process of welding line of wire break check, you need to realize the size of the tip on fast moving objects detection precision of fiber optic sensor WLL180T with high resolution signal processing ability and a very short response time to cope with the very fast process. Optical fiber LL3 - DT01 through its larger detection Angle compensation slight vibration in the process of welding wire.

everywhere and nothing missing

in the electronics industry, many applications need to detect what exists and what is missing. Gap, large holes or bending are common printed circuit board, so the object detection under a lot of challenges. In this regard, sensor WLL180T can also play its performance of the amplifier, adjustable with the selected combined advantages of the optical properties of the fiber.

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