Sichuan practice on national instrument research and development, production of fiber Bragg grating dam and one of the geotechnical engineering safety monitoring instrument manufacturer

by:FOT     2020-07-06

the practice in sichuan instrument co. , LTD company always insist on & other; Establish brand, professional enterprise & throughout; As an objective, take the market as the guidance, to meet customer demand for the purpose, relying on the employed by more than 13 years, continuous improvement and development dam and geotechnical engineering safety monitoring instruments. Since March 2008, fiber grating in the dam and geotechnical engineering safety monitoring equipment research and development, production, sales, embedding, installation, technical guidance and other services; The main production of fiber Bragg grating products have ( Water pressure, water level, seepage, seepage pressure, stress, strain and displacement meter, cracks, dislocation, etc. ) Class; Its products have been widely used in water and electricity, railways, highways, mines, tunnels, and other areas of the construction engineering safety monitoring parameters measurement, products are mainly in building and hydraulic building long-term monitoring and observation.

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