ShiKe sick working principle of the optical fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-27

ShiKe sick working principle of the amplifier is sick fiber amplifier technology in core adding rare earth elements can produce laser, through laser provides incentives for straight time, through the light signal is amplified. The traditional transmission system is to use light & ndash; Electrical & ndash; Light regenerative repeater, the relay equipment affecting the stability and reliability of the system, to remove the above conversion process, directly in the light the way to enlarge the signal transmission, with a light shows all Repeaters to replace the regenerative repeater. Sick it refers to the amplifier used in communication lines, can realize the signal amplification of a new type of optical amplifier. The technology is in the core doped with rare earth elements of the laser can be produced, through laser provides incentives for straight time, through the light signal is amplified. Sick fiber amplifier it suitable equipment with erbium-doped fiber amplifier ( EDFA) , praseodymium doped fiber amplifier ( PDFA) And niobium doped fiber amplifier ( NDFA) At present, optical amplification technology mainly is USES EDFA. Sick fiber amplifier is a new type of signal can be amplified all optical amplifier, according to its position and role in the line, generally can be divided into relay amplify, pre-amplifier and power amplifier. Compared with traditional semiconductor laser amplifier, OFA photoelectric conversion is required to make complex, electro-optical conversion and signal regeneration process, can be directly to all-optical signal amplifier, has the very good & other; Transparency & throughout; Enlarge the relay, especially for long distance optical communication.

ShiKe sick fiber amplifier features specifications:

standard 250 us response time, high speed type 50 us, zui big match may diffuse for high speed detection of 0 mm to 160 mm, with complete correlation of 0 ~ 4 m, contains red light/infrared light/green light source/learning/manual type external regulation speed sensitivity ( 10,000Hz) Self-learning function, can external control signal, debugging is simple rapid provide switch quantity ( NPN/PNP) Output type/analog output type ( 1 ~ 5 v)

ShiKe sick WLL170 - amplifier Optical fiber type photoelectric sensor, 2 independent model and without digital display, complete series

standard response time for 250 us meet customers' different demand, high speed type 50 us high-speed object detection and location of the process of self-learning function, can be an external signal control debugging is simple, quick to use
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