Shanghai exhibition observatory in Munich: fiber laser heat to the depth development

by:FOT     2020-07-14
Munich exhibition in Shanghai observatory, optical fiber laser heat to the deep development of

 Shanghai observatory Munich show: fiber laser heat to the deep development of

takeaway: last year's Shanghai optical fair in Munich, editor said as the core component of fiber laser, ytterbium doped fiber exhibitors is not much, is a pity. This year's fair, this is completely reversed.

recently the weather is very hot in Shanghai new international expo center in Munich light fair atmosphere hotter, it seems, than a year ago, people more and more exhibitors. Such a lively scene, let the editor can tour in the crowd, looking for some of the things they interested in.

of course, show the hottest or the large system manufacturer, in both foreign giants and domestic upstarts, booths and were full of people. Especially for some companies hold lectures, but also with three layers inside and outside. Cluster system manufacturer, also attracted crowds of supplier of the components level. Main established manufacturer of high power devices such as light, lang library of light, the more light, the sea, Wright, fuzhou light honestly none left behind, emerging companies such as xi 'an zhongke exchange fiber, fuzhou of view these are to show their best. Teng view claims to them the advantage of high power optical fiber devices, fiber optic equipment coating, in the domestic competitors also wrong. Company was set up for a year or two has on this technology in the field of optical fiber laser rushes out one day. Fiber zhongke remit booth advocate hit is based on the independent intellectual property rights of high power kw to tile laser with fiber optic components, including pump beam splitter, pump signal beam, laser beam splitter, million watts end cap optical fiber products, such as one at knowing their ambitions.

laser hope to squeeze into the market more than these companies. This one is the ancestor of domestic fiber processing Wu Hanchu star appeared on the exhibition, however, before editing carefully to see. A leading manufacturer in the field of coating aurora borealis electric, light coupling device fu processing equipment of the leading enterprises in Shanghai China. In addition to the manufacturers, agents manufacturers also unwilling. Beijing lingyun, extension of puguang research, Shanghai's son, said han yu, hangzhou top, olin haisheng, rich in shenzhen, Hong Kong shengchang, division technique come up with their own various in view of the industry, especially in the field of laser solutions. Extension of puguang research, for example, their optical fiber end cap production platform, optical fiber beam processing workstation, optical lens processing workstation, is geared to the needs of optical fiber laser, semiconductor laser manufacturing solutions.

last year's Shanghai optical fair in Munich, the editor said as the core component of fiber laser, ytterbium doped fiber exhibitors is not much, is a pity. This year's fair, this is completely reversed. First is the domestic leader in the field of optical fiber yofc heavily in this exposition, not only has the active such as ytterbium doped fiber, provide more fiber laser all except pumped laser device in the solution. Yofc goal is a global market leader in the field of. This one is not only yofc Wu Hanrui core exhibited their active fiber products. Editor once last year to visit them in optical valley of the city of the future office, at that time the product has not yet been put into production, and now the products not only put into production, and has the batch delivery. The personage inside course of study to the editor, said future theory core and yofc competition in the field of active optical fiber you have. In addition to those, editor is found in the booth, a white light from liaoning anshan power laser technology co. , LTD has its own ytterbium doped fiber exhibition. Solve the problem of active fiber optic equipment, optical fiber laser domestic areas will inevitably. Fiber development of China, first beginning from passive optical fiber, gradually transition to the active fiber maturity, already contains a series of enterprises. Every company has its own characteristics. First entrants in this field, for example, the first product of suzhou photons, President jiang will tell editor, expressing their product coating material, its own advantage.

in addition to laser processing and other areas of the application in optical fiber manufacturers also has some characteristics, such as various Fiberguide cluster fiber array for medical applications. Compared with the laser processing, the editor think it will be optical fiber application a greater debt market, expect to see more of exhibitors and exhibit next year.

over the same period of light fair and Munich electronics show. Editor in shenzhen easy to float in the sky of the booth to see their full industrial-grade optical interconnects product line, and optical interconnects for consumer electronic products, optical interconnection products for vision applications. Easy to float in the sky is the slogan of the optical interconnection technology innovators around the world. This year, li told the editor, they expanded the scale, the industrial application of market is bullish on light device.

Munich show, Shanghai is so hot, because here is the best show of optical device industry application.

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