Several common optical fiber test equipment performance is introduced

by:FOT     2020-06-29

optical power meter: used for measuring the optical power or by a fiber optical power relative loss. In the fiber optic equipment system, optical power measurement is a basic of zui. Very like the multimeter, electronics in optical measurement, optical power meter is commonly used heavy duty table, fiber technicians should be a hand. By measuring the power of the transmitting terminal machine or optical network, an optical power meter can * price performance of the light end equipment. Combinations of light power meter and stability of light source, is able to measure the connection loss, continuity test, and to help * for fiber optic link transmission quality.

a stable light source, optical system known to launch power and wavelength of the light. Stable light source and optical power meter together, can measure fiber optical loss of the system. On the ready-made fiber optic equipment system, usually also can be the sender of the system machine as a stable light source. If the machine can't work or not, you will need to separate a stable light source. Stability of the wavelength of light source shall conform to the system transceiver wavelengths as much as possible. In the system after the installation, often need to measure end-to-end loss, in order to determine the coupling loss whether meet the design requirements, such as: measure the connector, point loss and optical loss of ontology.

light multimeter: used to measure the optical power loss in the fiber link. There are two kinds of optical multimeter:

1, by an independent optical power meter, and stability of light source.

2, optical power meter and stable light source combined as one of the integrated testing system.

in short distance LAN ( LAN) Distance within walking or talking, the endpoint and technicians can be combined in any end successfully use economy optical multimeter, end use optical power meter using stable light source at the other end. For long-distance network system, the combination of the technical personnel should be in each end equipment complete or integrated optical multimeter.

when choosing instrument, temperature may be zui strict standards. Field portable devices should be - 18℃( No humidity control) To 50 ℃ ( 95% humidity)

optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) And fault locator ( 故障定位器) : show the fiber optic equipment loss and the distance function. By using OTDR technology, and the researchers were able to see the whole outline of the system, the recognition and measurement of optical fiber span, connection point and connecting head. In the diagnosis of fiber optic instrument malfunction, OTDR, is a classic, zui zui expensive instrument. Different from the ends of the optical power meter and light multimeter test, OTDR can be measured only by the end of the fiber optical fiber loss. OTDR line given the size and location of the attenuation value system, such as: any connector, points, optical fiber aliens, or optical breakpoint position and its size.

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