Semiconductor pump with lights in the pump laser marking on the contrast

by:FOT     2020-07-18
Semiconductor pump with lights in the pump laser marking on the contrast of the semiconductor pump and contrasts in the lamp in the pump laser marking

takeaway: recently there are a lot of customers in the understanding of semiconductor laser marking machine when in counseling and lamp pumped laser marking machine what is the difference? Laser equipment professional home summarize about this question:

recently there are a lot of customers in the know when laser marking machine in consulting and lamp pumped semiconductor laser marking machine what is the difference? Laser equipment professional home summarize about this question:

light compared with semiconductor pump laser pump laser

and lamp pumped semiconductor lasers are using ND: YAG ( Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) Laser crystal generated material, it can be converted to visible light of 808 nm 1064 nm invisible laser, but the output of laser another key factor is to make more crystal rods output laser pump sources are used, semiconductor pump is the use of semiconductor diode sent 808 nm wavelengths; The lamp pumped krypton lamp light is used to pump, but krypton lamp has a wide spectrum of light, only had a larger peak in the 808 - nm, other wavelengths of light finally all become useless heat away. Therefore, semiconductor pump laser conversion efficiency is much higher than lamp pumped. Do not need to change the krypton lamp and maintenance-free

semiconductor diodes, long service life, its rated working time is more than 10000 hours, and the life of the krypton lamp (only a few hundred hours General - in 400 600 hours) , so the lamp pumped laser in work after period of time, all need to replace the krypton lamp, especially for metal marking, the energy needed for the larger, krypton lamp life will be more affected. Therefore also known as maintenance free laser, semiconductor pump laser refers to its work without material, for a long time do not need to maintain. I company for more effective prolong the service life of semiconductor laser diode pump sources are used, the precombustion with frequency conversion control technology, namely in under the premise of guarantee the luminous tube is not affected by current shock, according to the workload and intensity, the most greatly reduce the current density through the light-emitting diode, effectively prolong the service life of the semiconductor diode. According to the different production tasks of different users, the service life of semiconductor laser light emitting diode can guarantee between one to three years. Each semiconductor pump marking as follows: changing light consumables cost can be saved more than 12 lights / 350 yuan/year * * 3 years = 1. 260000 yuan.

lamp pumped laser marking machine to be often downtime in krypton lamp, for many large production lines are not acceptable. As a result of the krypton lamp life is differ, this is likely because the quality of domestic light imbalance caused by krypton lamp on the use of more waste! So use semiconductor material marking machine can largely save maintenance shutdowns caused by the loss of manpower and material resources. Save electricity

as a result of the semiconductor pump conversion efficiency is high, good pattern, are more likely to focus on a smaller area of the high-energy light, mark the same object, it needs the external energy is smaller. At the same time, the waste heat of its produce far less light, pump laser determines its don't need to light the size of pump laser cooling system. So laser of semiconductor pump system of power pump is much smaller than the lamp.

a 50 w lamp pumped laser marking machine at about 6 kw power consumption, and a 50 w power of semiconductor laser marking machine is only about 2 kw, in three years, for example, work 24 hours a day, a month, 28 days once industrial power 1. 1 yuan, the light electricity, a semiconductor laser is better than a lamp pumped laser save ( 6 - 2) KW 28 days 24 hours * * * * 1 * 3 years in December. 1 / c = 10. 6. 45 million yuan! Better tag

due to the semiconductor diode almost exclusively a wavelength of light, so it better pump produced by laser monochromaticity, laser mode is better, good laser mode can make the laser focused spot after smaller, more concentrated energy, obtain better marked effect; Small size

small size semiconductor laser module itself, with its good laser mode, so the volume of the semiconductor pump laser than lamp pumped laser is small in size by almost a third.

semiconductor produce less waste heat pump laser, the cooling system is small, cold water machine can typically require a horse, to lamp pumped laser typically require two horses more than cold water machine, at the same time require larger water pump to provide larger cooling water. So its running lamp pumped laser marking machine running noise is bigger, and vast opportunities to produce more heat cold water, especially in the summer in the south, the environment temperature is higher, the excess heat can make working environment more bad, or need more air conditioning system to adjust the temperature of working environment, increasing the cost of production.

in general use semiconductor laser than the lamp pumped laser, although each marking machine price is a little high, but each marking machine 3 years can accurately calculate the cost of using 11 can be saved. 9. 05 million yuan, not including changing light idle standby caused by the loss of production ( The user can calculate) , in the light of expenses, and quality of the lamp is not neat the waste to maintain production increase of the cost of air conditioning cooling and so on.

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