Sale of optical fiber for instrument

by:FOT     2020-06-25

fiber found disabled apparatus models: RT - 2010年

RT - Using 2010 type of advanced light reflection time domain analysis technology, mainly used for fiber breakpoint location and fiber length measurement. Using a handheld portable design, easy operation, complete function. Widely used in fiber optic cable construction and maintenance, communication, monitoring, CATV system. fiber optic equipment wiring project, fiber network fault detection, etc.

RT - 2010 body modelling design accord with human body engineering requirements, beautiful and durable. Using new type of membrane switch, all buttons is simple, reliable and suitable for a variety of environments. This machine has zui five problems more display function, three minutes automatic shutdown, insufficient battery alarm function, is the ratio of high zui, zui practical breakpoints for measuring tools.

product parameters:

1. 1 feature

1, handheld, portable design

2, zui five problems more display

3, five LCD digital display

4, 3 minutes automatic shutdown

5, battery shortage alarm

2. 2 product parameters:

1, about cables breakpoint instrument

2, probe types: FC/APC FC/PC

3, the types of light source: FP type pulse laser

4, wavelength light source: 1550 nm

5, measuring type: type suitable for G652 single-mode fiber

6, measuring precision, has reflected the breakpoint: & plusmn; 10 m, no reflection breakpoints: & plusmn; 200 m

7, zui small blind area: 20 m

8, zui large measuring range: 30 km 50 km

9 degree of analysis, solution: 0. 001 km

10, display units: km

11, about the visible light

: light wavelength of 650 nm

output power: 1 mw

joint types: head

12, about power supply

the battery type: two 5 batteries

the battery working time ( Room temperature) : more than 1000 times or more than visible light work 10 hours continuously

automatic shutdown time: 3 minutes

13, about using the environment

work temperature: 0 ℃ to + 40 ℃

storage temperature: - 20 ℃ to + 70 ℃

relative humidity: 0 to 95% ( No condensation)

14, about physical properties

size ( mm) : 157 x 86 x 40

weight ( kg) : 0. 25

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