Rope tractor dirt removal method is what?

by:FOT     2020-11-05
Cable tractors operate simple, manually start the machine after four operating gear, respectively, Push, quick pull, neutral, slow pull) Select the desired gear. Shift must be before the throttle to the idle state, hang up the files after control throttle can work of the hands. What are the cable tractors dirt removal method? Cable tractors dirt removal methods: 1. Mechanical removal: with a steel brush, sandpaper, or containing abrasive nylon roller by erasing cable tractor parts surface metal to clear the purpose, the application of common use method. 2. Cable tractors solvent wipe: dip in with absorbent material in the solvent to wipe, commonly used solvents have oil and chlorinated solvents. Many solvents are flammable, easy to cause fire, so should choose non flammable solvents. In addition, should be clear after removal of the kinds of metal materials, to keep the cable by tractor parts from corrosion. 3. Fiber optic cable tractors pickling: often use inorganic acid, organic acid is also available. Through adding wetting agent in acid aqueous solution, can achieve the purpose of rust removal and to scale. 4. Latex clear is the use of suspension cable tractors emulsion clear: the organic solvent in the water. Effectively remove grease and other contaminants, and will leave a thin layer on the metal surface rust-proof membrane. Cable tractors for contamination removal in the process, generally is not limited to a certain way, but a comprehensive methods. Therefore, fiber optic equipment cable tractor in use process, should pay attention to the reasonable choice of these methods.
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