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by:FOT     2020-07-17
Circuit r&d engineers using the infrared thermal imager fever, circuit board heat distribution according to the circuit components, the circuit can be analyzed the deficiency existing in the original design or hidden trouble, can avoid many potential risks. It will be able to greatly improve the success rate of product development and product stability. Temperature analysis of the current r&d temperature analysis 1 circuit components, electronic equipment is main failure form of thermal failure. According to statistics, electronic equipment failure is 55%, caused by the temperature exceed the specified value as the temperature increases, the electronic equipment failure rate increase exponentially. In general the work reliability of the electronic components is extremely sensitive to temperature, temperature in the 70 - device Every increase 1 ℃ 80 ℃ level, reliability will drop 5%. 2 load analysis in the research and development process, the circuit can be in addition to the regular test ( Such as oscillograph, multimeter, etc. ) Means, but also can be used to test the circuit board, a thermal imager by showing different temperature points, the components of current, voltage, and so on and so forth to understand, engineers according to the test temperature, improve the circuit and improve the conversion efficiency, reduce power consumption, reduce circuit inherent temperature rise, improve the reliability of circuit. 3 the whole circuit temperature field distribution analysis by reasonable arrangement, can effectively reduce the temperature rise of printed circuit boards, so that the devices and equipment failure rate significantly decreased. 4 rapid analysis problem in some developing maintenance situations, such as the rapid repair of short circuit board, through the thermal imager without using the circuit diagram can be fast short-circuit point where to locate the plate and for further processing. Why can the infrared thermal imager temperature analysis? Circuit components on the job, because of the different components of the current, the reason of the difference of between each device, and the heat generated by the different, so will feature is embodied in the component surface temperature difference. Infrared thermal imager is the use of the temperature difference between all components, analysis of the different characteristics of the circuit. Thermal imaging to detect the temperature of the unique advantages 1 existing analysis tools many engineers will complain of hard to support their existing means a detailed and comprehensive temperature field, at the same time, the operation is not convenient, and may change the original temperature field distribution, such as: a) Data collector: use contact data collector may encounter the following problems: the power circuit board, SMT thermocouple enough, operation inconvenient, slower reaction time ( For 30 seconds to 1 minute) , at the same time use contact data collector will also change the cooling condition of measuring devices, etc. b) Infrared temperature points: points outside thermometer can only measure the average temperature in one area, cannot detect small target, cannot get circuit temperature distribution as a whole. 2 thermal imager temperature analysis advantages of infrared thermal imager and data collector, infrared temperature point, compared to has its own advantages: a) By infrared thermal imaging detection target circuit, do not need power, easy to operate, and non-contact measurement make the original temperature field without interference; b) Response speed faster, less than 1 second; c) Choose appropriate infrared lens, can detect the small target; d) Using infrared analysis software of the circuit of temperature data received by the comprehensive analysis. When shooting might encounter what problem? Some of the components in 1 circuit boards, Such as electrolytic capacitor top surface, bright and clean surface) on the back of the power supply modules, and other chips , the emission rate is lower, so the detected temperature differences. When such devices were taken to the surface with black pen or black paint with black, then temperature measurement, and so on. 2 when using standard lens can't distinguish small target, 10 can be replaced. 5 mm wide-angle lens. How to shoot high-quality circuit of infrared thermal image? Modern circuit miniaturization, components of high centralization trend is spreading quickly, so in the use of infrared thermal image when shooting, if you want to get a clear image of the infrared heat maps, we suggest that: 1, try to choose heat sensitivity high thermal imager; 2 focal length should be aimed at, the infrared thermal imaging camera shot the circuit board of the vertical axis and have to; 3 the temperature range of the automatic mode is used to measure the first; Then manually level and span, set the temperature range to a minimum, and contains a previously measured temperature range.
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