Research of fiber optic sensors on the log

by:FOT     2020-06-29

due to the needs of the development plan, the management of the reservoir pressure needs special caution, the aim is to reduce the electromagnetic flowmeter in mining under the condition of lower than bubble point pressure caused by the loss of crude oil, reduce the overpressure in the process of gas injection for reservoir oil loss caused by the original oil into aquifer. Conventional downhole pressure monitoring is main sensor of strain gauge and quartz crystal pressure gauge, the strain type pressure gauge is affected by temperature and hysteresis effect, vortex street flowmeter and the quartz pressure gauge will be affected by the rapid changes in temperature and pressure. When the pressure monitoring, these sensors also involves installation difficulties and poor stability of long-term problems. Underground fiber optic sensor without downhole electronic circuit, easy to install, the advantages of small volume, strong anti-jamming capability, which is necessary for downhole monitoring. The distributed optical fiber temperature sensor has the continuity through along the entire length of the completion acquisition temperature data to provide a new way of monitoring production and reservoir potential. Because of well temperature profile can be input with other ground acquisition ( Flow, water cut, wellhead pressure, etc. ) Contrast and open hole logging curve, so as to provide the operator with the qualitative and quantitative information in the change of the underground. Traditional temperature measurement tools can only be measured at any given time one point temperature, the temperature of the turbine flow meter to test the full range, point sensor can only be achieved move back and forth in the well, inevitably impact on balance of borehole environment. Distributed optical fiber temperature sensor has the advantage of optical fiber without moving back and forth in the area of the test, can guarantee the borehole temperature balance status is not affected. And because the fiber is placed within the capillary tube, so every capillary tube can access can be carried out where the distributed optical fiber temperature sensor test. Underground installation is easy to damage, the solution is equipped with skilled workers, optical fiber sensors need external protection layer, reduce stress, Including perforation and stress caused by temperature) 。 For distributed fiber optic equipment temperature sensor system, the British Sensa company has been in a technical position, there are a range of products, and cooperate with each big oil companies, actively explore distributed optical fiber temperature sensor in the application of oil underground. CiDRA company has also been studying optical fiber temperature sensor, the current temperature sensor technical indicators of the company is: the measurement range of 0 ℃ ~ 175 ℃, accuracy & plusmn; 1 ℃, resolution of 0. 1 ℃, long-term stability & plusmn; 1℃/年( Continuous use under 150 ℃) 。

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