Research and development of micro fiber spectrometer analysis condition

by:FOT     2020-06-26
Using spectrum scanning food, pharmaceutical ingredients, and the use of smart phones for data analysis of the micro spectrometer has been on the rise, and this kind of small instruments also have hope to play a role in the field of medical treatment, health diagnosis. At present, several kinds of such products are under development in foreign countries. Spectral instrument is applied optics technology, electronic technology and computer technology to the composition and structure of the materials and other basic equipment, carries on the analysis and measurement, is widely used in environmental monitoring, industrial control, chemical analysis, food quality testing, material analysis, clinical examination, aerospace remote sensing and science education, etc. Because traditional spectrometer with complicated structure and limited use of the environment, inconvenient to carry and expensive is insufficient, can't meet the needs of field detection and real-time monitoring. Therefore, miniature fiber spectrometer spectral instrument development become a important research direction. In recent years, due to the fiber optic equipment, grating and array detector technology development and mature, make form the source spectrum detection system, the sampling unit and spectrographic unit structure form of phase separation, the whole system more modular structure, use more convenient and flexible, thus making miniature fiber optic spectrometer field detection and real-time monitoring of the instrument. The small portable equipment consists of three parts: spectrum scanner, based on the algorithm of the cloud and a mobile phone application. When use, users only need according to the scan button on the fuselage on food, after hear a chime. Then the spectrum scanner data will be uploaded to the Web server is analyzed, then the user can in the mobile application view of food ingredients, including vitamin, sugar and calories, and other chemicals, etc. Micro spectrometer with modular system and build the advantage of flexibility, so in the study of actual production, only with a spectrometer, apply different test accessories can real-time detection of a variety of different samples. At the same time, the micro fiber spectrometer has a compact structure, no moving parts, wide range of wavelength and measure the characteristics of fast speed, low price, in the industrial development of online monitoring and portable test system provides a broad space for application development.
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