Real beauty lies not in the image

by:FOT     2020-07-17
Real beauty lies not in the image is exposed in the aerial cable racks and racks and racks, neatly groomed cables may look beautiful, but the beautiful layout for performance is not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes it's hard to explain to the customer, they seem to be more concerned about the appearance of the cable, rather than the effect of data transmission. There are things better let nature take its course if 10 Gig will support the application of 6 class a UTP cable comb or bundled tightly, is likely to increase external crosstalk ( AXT) , thus causing serious damage of high-speed transmission. Why is this so? External crosstalk is due to the adjacent cables of a cable to the other a pair of interference caused by cable, for up to 500 MHz 6 class a wiring, due to its high frequency and noise level, so the external interference is the important problem facing. This is easy to understand, when the cable is evenly comb or tightly bound together, make its placed adjacent to each other, will no doubt increase the external crosstalk - — This is the worse case external crosstalk test need six ring method. External crosstalk increases the noise level of the channel, which results in the decrease of SNR, affect the bandwidth capacity of the cable, might interfere with 10 Gig transmission cable support. This is TIA and BICSI standard institutions and most cable manufacturers recommend to online slot and the cable pipe placed 'natural'. But even with the above Suggestions, there are still some clients want to bundle cable neatly together. And even a tool to level off, combing cable quickly and efficiently, is easy to be bundled into multiple of cables. But also do not recommend the use of nylon bind of cables every 8 to 12 inch tighten once more. Nylon strap will put too much pressure, actually change the physical and geometric shape of the cable, distorts the twisted-pair cable or change the nature, further reduce the performance. If in such as chassis fastening of cables in the cable manager, is recommended to use loose Velcro Velcro tape ( Velcro) 。 And Velcro Velcro band during movement, and replace the cable more easily removed and replaced. From the point of view of cable testing, the comb and tight beam cable may cause power and external near end crosstalk ( PSANEXT) And the remote power and external crosstalk attenuation ratio ( PSASCRF) Do not conform to the standard performance metrics, or leave your margin is very small, and too tight nylon strap also may lead to a variety of performance issues - — No aesthetic feeling. You need to worry about is not only external crosstalk 10 Gig application of 6 class a cable need to be considered due to the tight cable external crosstalk, but this is not only need to pay attention to the problem. If you are installing the Ethernet cable will provide higher power supply ( 坡) , such as PoE 60 w class 3 or higher, the bundled cables will cause temperature rise - — Of cables, the greater the temperature is higher. For 5 e class and class 6 categories such as lower cable is even more so. Although there are other factors can also lead to the internal temperature of the cable, cable structure and ambient temperature, for example, but in PoE or higher transmit 60 w power cables in the middle of the cable can't fully heat dissipation. Moreover, when the cable temperature, insertion loss will also increase - — The signal power loss will hinder the correct data transmission. Due to the insertion loss is directly related to the length of the link, This is the industry standard in certain distance limit) , TIA standards recommend installing a cable to shorten the length of the link (at high temperatures Also is the derating) 。 But, even if the environment temperature is not high, bearing high power PoE large cable bundle of middle cable may also have to heat up, which can lead to performance degradation. Again, therefore, recommended a loose cable organization, without using bundle. To sum up, we learn what lessons? Though closely tied the cable may be for some neat and beautiful, but beauty exist only in the spectator's eyes. Real beauty lies in the cable to transmit data in a reliable manner. Now you need to do is to convey the correct idea and convince customer. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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