Read this article, a portable optical fiber spectrometer of the five conditions will be able to deal with

by:FOT     2020-07-04
Read this article, a portable fiber optic equipment spectrometer of the five conditions can deal with the portable fiber optic spectrometer can provide normalized vegetation index ( 归一化植被指数) And vegetation substances such as the ratio of red light and near infrared. These indices can be used as agriculture resources, reflecting the crop for the response of nutrients, crop growth conditions, potential output, the stress and the influence of plant diseases and insect pests, etc. The system can also be used to monitor crop growth period, the field ( Crops, vegetation) Changes in the environment, or contrast different fertilizer rate and fertilization rate produced by the difference between the local standard. The electronic shutter: 10 & mu; S open detector software integration time can be set by the user, it is similar to a camera shutter speed: integral time value is the probe & other; Check & throughout; The overall time of entry into the photon. Because, the probe has an electronic shutter, you can through the software set zui to 10 small integral time & mu; S, this allows you to measure as the laser pulse is so short. The ability to make the integral time of the spectrometer also eliminates the specular level application fields such as laser analysis of saturation problem. Programmable microcontroller integrated micro programmable controller, the control spectrometer offers great flexibility and accessories. Through a 30 pin connection, you can perform all the operations in the software parameters: the control source, the creation process, access to information from the outside. There are ten programmable data I/O lines, can be connected to other equipment; An analog input and one analog output, a pulse generator for triggering other devices. Portable fiber optic spectrometer common failures and solutions. 1, the beginning of crash bugs generally use portable fiber spectrometer, if appear this kind of problem, most likely bad communication line contact. New instrument computer crashed, program error, black screen, START right state analysis software, can be caused by poor communication line contact the solution is simple, just need to this is a communications line contact undesirable, reconnect. If not communication line is poor contact, it is also possible that the machine's response is too slow, we can try to restart to see equipment. 2, poor exhaust exhaust pipe failure caused by portable fiber optic spectrometer road congestion, a bend at the bottom of the chamber, foreign body in it a foreign body filter entry point. If there is a foreign body equipment internal, will cause the exhaust. Operating personnel should change regularly exhaust pipe, to replace the transparent plastic tube, to purge exhaust line on a regular basis. 3, high temperature failure of portable fiber optic spectrometer temperature on the high side, mostly fan. Operators can check instrument back cover fan rotation, rotation is flexible. Fan is a problem, if it will be replaced in a timely manner. 4, vacuum value falls fast fault vacuum value is also the fiber spectrometer is an important parameter, if the vacuum value falling too fast that instrument failed. Operating personnel can through the vacuum value curve is flat, not smooth, is the place where the gas leak. Can check the sealing of the vacuum chamber vacuum cover replacement to solve the fault sealing ring. 5, light intensity values decrease portable light intensity value of the fiber optic spectrometer (fall, will be very large effects on the equipment. We want to find out the reason as soon as possible, and then testing. The cause of this phenomenon is the lens is dirty, pollution incident slit fiber aging. Can wipe the lens, clean up the slit, change of fiber optic equipment to solve
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