Radio frequency principle of optical fiber transmission module

by:FOT     2020-06-30

RF fiber optic equipment transmission module of RF transmission of signal modulation of RF signal main equipment optical transmitter, is optical receiver. Its role is to input optical transmitter rf cable TV signal light modulation, electricity, light conversion ( E/O) And sent to the cable system continuous, stable and reliable signal light. Now on the market of optical transmitter categories: according to the modulation methods is different, divided into direct modulation optical transmitter and optical transmitter modulation two kinds. Direct modulation optical transmitter used at 1310 nm fiber optic system, external modulation optical transmitter used at 1550 nm fiber optic system. Both direct modulation and external modulation of optical transmitter, the core components of a laser. A, direct modulation of laser transmitter

1, composition of direct modulation of optical transmitter, in addition to the core components DFB laser components, and bias circuit, power supply, laser laser slow start circuit, overload protection circuit and driver circuit, power control and cooling control electricity, light detection circuit, the distortion compensation circuit, optical detector ( 销) Chip ( With optical power detection and automatic power control) For bidirectional automatic temperature control ( ATC) The semiconductor refrigerator and thermistors, etc.

2, the working process of the rf (radio frequency (rf) fiber optic equipment transmission module of the input signal is RF) The signal. On front-end RF signals after multiplex mixer mixing into signal all the way into the light transmitter input, after preamplifier amplification and attenuation of control system, and also for predistortion compensation and automatic power level control, and then to drive electrical/optical modulation laser chip, turn electrical signals into light modulation signal. Output terminal and a light, insulation can be greatly reduced by the cable coming light reflection on the effects of laser. Into optical cable, optical signal by optical activity joint by cable the light signal is sent to the spot. Optical transmitter in a microprocessor, the working state of the data stored in its chips have laser, the laser can be slow start and can automatically disconnect the radio frequency drive current TV, in order to protect the laser. All sorts of optical transmitter on the front panel switch is controlled by microprocessor.

the change of temperature and aging of the device will cause the change of the laser threshold current and the photoelectric conversion efficiency, to control the light output power of the laser, addressed from two aspects: one is the control of laser drift, the automatic tracking the change of the threshold current, ensure the laser is always working in the state of offset; Second is to control the range of the laser modulation current, make the automatic follow electrical and optical conversion efficiency. Automatic power control to complete the above two tasks, to ensure that the laser output optical power.

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