Power optical fiber welding machine specifications are respectively?

by:FOT     2020-11-04
welding machine have no had better, only relative to what works better, convenient such as usual requirements, 80 s fully automatic, cutting good in what you don't have to move can weld, but in plateau windy weather, a little dust. To clear their own demand, main engineering do and metropolitan area network, general engineering and light to the home, loss degree of the size of the strict? In general imported welding machine welding low dissipation factor, equipment stability is higher, but the price is high. Fiber and homebred welding machine, can only say that close to the entrance, the price about 2 w, strict loss, more than hundred kilometers long trunk is not recommended for use, can overall new high cost performance, for short lines, to the home and other projects. communication: welding machine - 100 240 V( The AC power adapter) ; Dc: 12 v; In place of: 100 core. fiber optic equipment welding machine can be different depending on the type of the fiber can be divided into single mode fiber welding machine and multimode welding machine; According to the different methods of operation, can be divided into artificial ( Or semi-automatic) Welding machine and automatic welding machine; According to a weld divided into single fiber some welding machines, and much fine welding machine; fiber optic equipment welding machine is mainly used in optical communication optical cable construction and maintenance, so also called cable welding machine. General principle is to use the high pressure arc will melt two fiber cross section also let two optical fibers with high precision motion gently push merge into one, in order to realize the mode field coupling.
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