Portable fiber optic spectrometer three advantages

by:FOT     2020-06-22
Portable fiber optic spectrometer spectral range is big, has triggered function, ease of integration. It adopts advanced optical fiber connector, without optical alignment, in use process will present the characteristics of high flexibility. So its more wide application field, to the quality control through more, create a better product. Suitable for work in the industrial field conditions. Due to the probe display, can once get the full spectrum, test speed, therefore suitable for need high speed measurement applications, such as industrial online detection, chemical reaction dynamics monitoring. 1, flexible work of the high work efficiency, quality and reliable fiber optic spectrometer can be quickly and time according to actual situation, zui small integration time is shorter, can also allows customers to integrate to the specific experiment, it is backlit LCD display, make measurements at a glance. 2, stable work, according to Gao Litong portable fiber optic spectrometer manufacturers of the spectrometer using national standard power supply, when use more at ease. His adjusting lever can free replacement experimental products, operators can be optimized to make operation more accurate. It also comes with unique ventilation hood, can effective heat dissipation, avoid high temperature influence, lasting guarantee stability and continuity of the work, make the data parameters show the characteristics of high stability. 3, easy to operate, and the results of fiber optic equipment spectrometer using ultra-thin keys, very simple and convenient operation, fully enclosed monochromator structure and optical mirror SiO2 protective film, ensure that optical conditions are not affected by the environment or gas, can zui greater level of security testing results, it also to establish standard curve line, and can be used to test the related standard curve, and with their name directly, according to the naming convenient call.
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