Portable fiber optic spectrometer fault, what is the cause of what components are summarized in place

by:FOT     2020-07-09
Portable fiber optic spectrometer fault, what is the reason what components are summarized in the portable fiber optic spectrometer common failures and solutions. 1, the beginning of crash bugs generally use portable fiber spectrometer, if appear this kind of problem, most likely bad communication line contact. New instrument computer crashed, program error, black screen, START right state analysis software, can be caused by poor communication line contact the solution is simple, just need to this is a communications line contact undesirable, reconnect. If not communication line is poor contact, it is also possible that the machine's response is too slow, we can try to restart to see equipment. 2, poor exhaust exhaust pipe failure caused by portable fiber optic spectrometer road congestion, a bend at the bottom of the chamber, foreign body in it a foreign body filter entry point. If there is a foreign body equipment internal, will cause the exhaust. Operating personnel should change regularly exhaust pipe, to replace the transparent plastic tube, to purge exhaust line on a regular basis. 3, high temperature failure of portable fiber optic spectrometer temperature on the high side, mostly fan. Operators can check instrument back cover fan rotation, rotation is flexible. Fan is a problem, if it will be replaced in a timely manner. 4, vacuum value falls fast fault vacuum value is also the fiber spectrometer is an important parameter, if the vacuum value falling too fast that instrument failed. Operating personnel can through the vacuum value curve is flat, not smooth, is the place where the gas leak. Can check the sealing of the vacuum chamber vacuum cover replacement to solve the fault sealing ring. 5, light intensity values decrease portable light intensity value of the fiber optic spectrometer (fall, will be very large effects on the equipment. We want to find out the reason as soon as possible, and then testing. Portable fiber optic spectrometer application domain reflection/transmission/absorption spectroscopy measurement routine microscopic fluorescence spectrum measurement fluorescence spectrum and plasma radiation measurement laser detection LED blue light above is today about what problems, portable fiber optic spectrometer is what parts are summed up in place of all to share, hope to use this equipment can help in the future.
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