PoE the next big one

by:FOT     2020-07-17
PoE's next big move much anticipated higher level PoE ( Ethernet power supply) Technology has become a hot topic in the industry. PoE, including class 3 and class 4 PoE, 802. 11 bt standard is expected to be approved at the beginning of 2018, we will see more equipment to use PoE power supply rather than ac power connection. One of the special equipment, has been in every office and the more important items on each desk - — The computer. Yes, PoE computing is PoE the next major progress. We here is not a thin client or tablet PC - — But in actual life desktop computers. Every office design around the ac power infrastructure, and on every desk and every cubicle installed socket. What is power? In the forthcoming 802. 11 in bt standard, three kinds of PoE will provide greater 60 w dc ( The 51 w can be used in the equipment) 4 kinds of PoE, will provide a larger 90 w dc ( The 71 w can be used in the equipment) 。 The existing two types of PoE ( IEEE 802。 3at) Can provide more powerful (30 w 25. 5 w can be used in the equipment) , make its have some PoE computing power, but only for processing ability is limited and the use of the limited number of very small devices. 3 class 4 kinds of PoE and provide more power, and combined with the current computer processors have become more powerful, lower energy consumption, which means that we can now be PoE power supply technology applied in the actual life of desktop computers. At the same time, the progress of the LED screen technology means that the computer can have large size, 20 inches or more) The hd screen. They can use the touch screen or use common peripherals, such as the keyboard and mouse, and the functions of them are strong enough, you can run the updated version of Windows ® and a full set of Microsoft ® Office software and high-definition video. In addition, the energy efficiency of PoE computer much higher, power consumption is equivalent to about half of the ordinary desktop PC power consumption. There are now using cisco UPOE PoE to 60 w power of desktop computers. When 2018 class 3 and class 4 PoE after approved, we will see a faster, more powerful PoE desktop computers into the market. In fact, can provide 4 kinds of PoE 90 w power may lead to more screen PoE computing systems and larger screen ( Could reach 46 inches or more) Become a reality. Use all four pairs of wire used in desktop computer class 3 and class 4 PoE through all four pairs of line power and transmit data at the same time. By applying the above function common-mode voltage, the voltage will be evenly distributed to current line of the wire. In order to assign the average power line, the dc resistance of each wire must be equal to or balance. The resistance difference between the two conductors is called dc resistance unbalance, belongs to the unfavorable factors. Although PoE device may allow some unbalanced dc resistance, but too large imbalance causes of transformer saturation, resulting in Ethernet data signal distortion. It is a very serious problem for desktop computers. On line in the 4 class 3 and class 4 PoE system, the need to pay attention to not only the dc resistance of each pair of online imbalance - — Multiple lines of large dc resistance unbalance between can also lead to PoE to stop working. Although choose well-known manufacturer of high quality cables, ensure high quality process and consistent with the termination, to avoid excessive unbalanced dc resistance, but better to test it, because this imbalance might have a huge impact on PoE's desktop computing performance. Industry standard wire between the greater unbalanced dc resistance is 3%, and the forthcoming IEEE 802. 3 bt standard now also require between any two lines of unbalanced dc resistance is no more than the two line for 7% of the total resistance in parallel. The emergence of PoE desktop computing has brought great benefits - — More safe low voltage connection, the cost and energy saving, faster deployment and improve the flexibility and network UPS system maintain ability of computer operation during power outages. There is also a good news! You can through the use of DSX CableAnalyzer ™ series copper certification test instrument to ensure that PoE desktop computers to work properly, the tester can quickly detect qualification between internal and line of unbalanced dc resistance. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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