* plastic optical fiber engineering lab built in between states

by:FOT     2020-07-06

yesterday, the provincial industrial park & ndash; — Chung city industry concentration development zone, a domestic * * plastic optical fiber engineering laboratory was officially. It is reported, this is established by sichuan huiyuan plastic optical fiber co. , LTD. & other; Preparation and application of plastic optical fiber technology & throughout; Countries where joint engineering laboratory. The establishment of the laboratory, marking the formal forward China plastic optical fiber research international zui plastic optical fiber field, technology upgrading for the China plastic optical fiber industry, widely used in automobiles, aircraft, industrial equipment, sensors, consumer electronics and defense applications such as laid a solid research and industrialization base.

break applications technical blank

with the rapid development of Chinese communication enterprises in recent years, plastic optical fiber in the decorative lighting, consumer electronics, transportation, industrial equipment, and a lot of application in the national defense construction, and promote the plastic fiber optic equipment communication system has gradually become the mainstream technology of short distance communication. BMW has plastic optical fiber used in their products as the vehicle-mounted multimedia communication network and the control system of medium of communication.

in foreign countries, the application of plastic fiber optic equipment development has made significant progress, and constantly increase investment in new application research, but in domestic at present there are a lot of technology in the development of the bottleneck. According to the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor le-min li analysis, & other; After nearly 10 years of efforts, the domestic research and development of plastic optical fiber production units, especially the sichuan huiyuan plastic optical fiber company, in terms of low loss of plastic optical fiber products, has made technical breakthrough, and catch up with the international advanced level. But the technology research, compared with the international gap is very large. International applications in automotive, aircraft, industrial equipment has a very wide range, and the products in the field of application and technology of China to near zero. Research is applied to all kinds of plastic optical fiber communication system and its supporting device in the field of professional products, the entire research community and the industry in China, has very important significance and urgency. ”

two or three years after the world's advanced level

the * plastic optical fiber to the establishment of the engineering laboratory, it is in order to solve the application of these specific technical problems. According to huiyuan plastic optical fiber company technical director store nine RongJieShao, relying on sichuan huiyuan plastic optical fiber co. , LTD. Its plastic optical fiber industry advantage, combined with engineering laboratory dozens of experts and scholars of intellectual power, like plastic optical fiber industry in China with a pair of invisible wings, in 2 - Three years you will get a new technological breakthrough, will soon be able to catch up with the world advanced level.

it was revealed that for the next step of development, huiyuan plastic optical fiber company will invest 30 million yuan to build research and development of national engineering laboratory building, construction industrialization base. Upon completion of plastic optical fiber communication and plastic optical fiber cable communication industry standards on the basis of the two countries, engineering lab is planning formulation used in automobiles, planes, trains, industrial equipment, consumer electronics and other fields of plastic optical fiber communication system related national standards, building, standard plastic optical fiber short distance communication industry in China.

at the same time, the sichuan huiyuan plan in 2013, the investment of automobile multimedia system based on plastic fiber optic equipment technology and products, the initial target capacity is 100000 sets, with annual sales of 500 million yuan. Long-term goals to achieve sales of 5 billion yuan.

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noun explanation

national engineering laboratory

national engineering laboratory is the central from the perspective of national strategy, setting up the enterprise innovation as the main body, market oriented and combination of technology innovation platform. National engineering laboratory, has a high level of technical innovation talent team, have * research and development test facilities, relying on flexible operational mechanism, continuously provide strong support for industrial technology progress.

plastic optical fiber

is a core layer and cladding are optical transparent plastic cylindrical fibers, can transmit various visible light from blue to red. Compared with quartz optical fiber, has a large core diameter, easy connection, good vibration resistance, flexibility advantages. Compared with the metal wire, resistance to electromagnetic interference, light transmission rate, density, etc. In need, therefore, high transmission rate, anti-jamming and anti-vibration special occasions, such as automobile, aircraft, industrial equipment, plastic optical fiber communication system has an irreplaceable role, is the inevitable choice of future technology development. Products:

laboratory tensile machine, impact machine, melt index, light color difference instrument, such as gloss meter

suzhou branch sheng tai company reproduced: China plastic industrial chain net

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