Photonic crystal fiber

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Introduction of

photonic crystal fiber PCF (for short 光子晶体光纤) , zui early, middle and later developed in the 1990 s, into the commercial and quickly. PCF can be divided into two broad categories: based on total internal reflection index guiding fiber and photonic bandgap fibers based on photonic band gap effect. The former on the structure, fiber optic equipment core is a solid structure, and photonic bandgap fiber optic fiber core is low refractive index materials, such as hollow structure. Compared with the ordinary fiber, PCF has more features:

in a wide spectral range with a single mode propagation properties

can obtain tiny mode field diameter ( Can be less than 1 um)

can get a great deal of mode field diameter ( Up to 25 um or greater)

can achieve 1300 nm below zero dispersion

can achieve extraordinary high birefringence ( Nearly 10 - 2)

can get up to 0. 9 the numerical aperture of the

classification and characteristics of photonic crystal fiber

so PCF is very suitable for need high nonlinear, wide spectrum single-mode transmission, large mode field diameter and other applications.

the preparation of photonic crystal fiber

refractive index type guide PCF is using multiple hollow is six prism ( Such as the six prism with a circular hole is silicon rods) , drawing on the fiber drawing tower, center with a solid core filaments of the same material. Band gap PCF, with multiple hollow hole, the center is empty, as & other; Defects & throughout; 。 In the fiber drawing tower, heated to 2000 ℃, pressure control and a variety of factors, such as gravity zui made of photonic crystal fiber. Typical PCF diameter 125 um, actually when production diameter ranging from 80 um to 700 um. The fiber optic equipment to retain before drawing geometry ( Honeycomb structure, for example) , but now is on a micro scale.

PCF when drawing pictures

large mode field diameter fiber ( 新港F - SM series)

after the success of the fiber optic equipment drawing, usually also need a layer of polymer on the external package protective coating, to improve its strength, make it easier to use.

F - 1550 - nm SM series optical near-field image

the application of photonic crystal fiber

high single femtosecond and picosecond pulse energy through a nonlinear crystal, produce ultra continuous spectrum ( supercontinuum代- SCG) , zui reported early in 1970. After scientists studied a variety of materials. Super continuous spectrum is not because of a certain effect, but many kinds of nonlinear effects in combination, including material nonlinear dispersion effect, the phase modulation ( 自我 phase modulation) , Raman scattering, phase matching, and optical soliton, etc.

use of ultrafast pulse pump photonic crystal fiber can produce continuous spectrum. Many experiments using femtosecond laser pump, can produce significant wide spectrum. Picosecond laser spectrum produced by HTML seconds, compared to the laser spectral range is narrow, but the pump sources are used a lot cheaper price, so to get more business.

although as long as there is enough energy of pump, the water can also be observed that SCG, but photonic crystal fiber is an ideal medium to SCG. Dispersion of PCF can be manual control, and SCG required range matching, thus the wavelength of incident light can be converted into the adjustable scope, but the amount of pump power is lower.

新港SCG - 800 is designed for SCG photonic crystal fiber, pictured above, for the use of spectrum of physical Mai Tai femtosecond laser pump is SCG - The spectrum produced by 800, 100 fs pulse width, frequency 80 MHz. The spectral range depends on the pump power and wavelength.

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