Performance is the highest, classical optimization - — New Fluke Ti400 + thermal infrared imager

by:FOT     2020-07-15
Fluke corporation released on October blockbuster 320 x240 pixel thermal imager flagship model - — Fluke Ti400 + thermal infrared imager. New Fluke Ti400 + infrared thermal imager is a series of Fluke, perceptive Ti300 / Ti200 classical heritage, has a higher performance and more price advantage. '320 x 240 pixels - — The cost-effective choice low LaserSharp laser af - — From virtual focal error when a variety of optional lenses - — Cooperate with various working condition of low accord with human body engineering design, — The operation is simple and easy to use Ti400 + before the problem to find the problem, to be safe. Resolution and accuracy enough to clearly show the temperature difference or display the temperature of the gradual change over time. Using LaserSharp laser autofocus, Ti400 + ensures that every time get accurate image focus, will never miss. Through the touch screen, use the built-in laser rangefinder are calculated and displayed on the screen of the specified target distance, and capture the image in the focal length. Make the team to get a clear image, while maintaining safe distance and working equipment. More can choose lens can see more details. Passive autofocus system may only be able to capture the near field goals, this means that you are likely to catch errors of mark the measured values. Use Fluke LaserSharp laser autofocus function, you can select and focus specific goals. LaserSharp laser autofocus proprietary Fluke LaserSharpTM autofocus function using the built-in laser range finder, to ensure rapid and accurate focusing. Laser driven target detection can accurate positioning, so as to capture focus accurate high quality image. Just press the button, can easily capture target focus accurate low quality image can be through the common obstacles such as chain link fence for infrared image targets through precise selection, avoid low temperature measurement deviation as part of the preventive maintenance plan, the need to perform the same many times to check - — Built-in laser rangefinder to calculate and display the distance target, easier to repeat inspection. Telephoto lens and wide Angle interchangeable intelligence, observe all the details you need Fluke Connect desktop software in a few minutes to create professional reports, and get the complete data effectively, to support your maintenance plan. Low editing and optimize images with infrared and visible light image, more simple analysis 'to write a detailed report * from the cloud storage for thermal images' by assets, severity and title search images Fluke Ti400 infrared thermal imager standard Ti400 + + : including standard infrared infrared camera; The ac power and battery charger ( Including the universal ac adapter) ; Two pieces of durable intelligent lithium batteries; USB cable; HDMI video cable; 4GB micro- SD memory card. Rugged hard portable box, portable soft package and adjustable wrist strap. Free download: Fluke Connect desktop software and user manual
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