Pepperl + fuchs P + F the advantages of optical fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-07-04

pepperl + fuchs p + F the advantages of fiber optic equipment amplifier p + F the basic working principle of optical fiber sensor is to light through the optical fiber from the light source to the modulator, the parameters under test and after entering modulation OuDeGuang interaction, leads to the optical properties of the light ( As the light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization, etc. ) Change, called a modulated signal light, before using the measured optical transmission characteristics of influence, complete the measurement. P + F the advantages of optical fiber sensor is compared with the traditional all kinds of sensors, P + F run as sensitive information carrier optical fiber sensor, optical fiber was used as a medium passing sensitive information, has the characteristics of optical fiber and optical measurement, a series of unique optimal point. Electric insulation performance is good, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, non-invasive, high sensitivity, easy to implement remote monitoring of measured signal, corrosion, explosion-proof, optical path can be flexing resistance, convenient for connecting with the computer. P + F, optical fiber sensor in sensitive and adaptable, compact and intelligent direction, it can be in the place where people can not reach, Such as high temperature or harmful to the people of the region, such as the radiation zone) , have eyes and ears of the man, and still can go beyond physical boundaries, receives people's senses feel outside information P + F optical fiber sensors can be paste on the surface structure is used to measure, at the same time can also be achieved by embedded structure internal physical quantity measurement. Using the embedded optical fiber sensors in advance, in the process of damaged concrete structure can be the internal strain measurement, according to the load and strain relationship curve slope, can determine the structure formation and expansion of internal damage. Through concrete experiment showed that the load and the strain of fiber optic test curve is higher than strain gauge testing linearity. P + F fiber optic sensor light resistance, durability and long-term stability, make its can be applied to a convenient construction steel structure and concrete internal stress and strain test of various kinds of building materials. Implementation of the health detection of structures. P + F optical fiber sensor is another major types of make use of the optical fiber sensor. Its structure is as follows: roughly sensors located in the optical fiber end, the optical fiber is only light transmission line, will be measured quantity transformation become light amplitude, phase, or changes in the amplitude of vibration. In this kind of sensor system, combination of traditional sensors and optical fiber. The import of the fiber makes the realization of remote sensing probe provides a possibility. The optical fiber transmission sensor applicability is wide and convenient use, but is slightly lower than * class sensor precision. I company specializing in Europe and America brand, all of Europe and America brand purchasing directly outside the European and American countries, the company can direct customs clearance, the goods time can shorten half, prices are more advantages for you to strive for greater profit space. If there is any need to please directly or directly to visit our company: the following brands is our company advantage: a: Germany HAWE Germany REXROTH Germany FESTO Germany BURKERT Germany E + H Germany Siemens Germany STAUFF Germany fu Germany SCHMERSAL Germany NEGELE company Germany EMG ( Only do the SV servo valve series) Germany STEIMEL Germany hersman Germany MURR Germany HYADC Germany P + F Germany TURCK figure, Germany SICK ShiKe Germany IFM bo feinstein Germany GSR Germany PILZ Germany MAHLE Germany balluff Germany Linde Germany, German law, winter easy test Linde Germany COAX 2: Italian ATOS Italian UNIVER Italy Jeff Aaron British sea north high champions Italy wandfluh France, Italy, lush 3: the United States ASCO PARKER peck the gram force Mr VICKERS, helwig and American MOOG MAC America Newman emperor g Caldwell company also sells some Japanese brands ( Japanese brand direct distribution procurement) Daniel was as follows: chronic kidney disease (CKD) or open, kuroda seiko, god SUNX, TOYOOKI TOYOOKI, NACHI NACHI, DAIKIN, DAIKIN, KOGANEI KOGANEI, TACO, NOK, Tokyo beauty. 【 My company can import declaration 】

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