Pepperl + fuchs P + F the advantages of fiber optic sensor and the commonly used models

by:FOT     2020-07-04

p + F pepperl + fuchs the advantage of fiber optic equipment sensor and the commonly used types of p + F fiber optic equipment sensor is demanding zui convenient application environment of optical fiber amplifier. Can provide highly accurate, clear, easy to read data. Back bridge connection to reduce costs, but also saves time and energy. Compared with other sensors, SU19 change in the standard guide rail is faster, more convenient. Clear advantage view: the percentages of running smoothly, high resolution display data visible clear target detection, simply press set button twice and the use of AGC technology ( Automatic switching threshold and magnified value) Zui small size: 9 mm wide, only 62 mm long master/slave concept and rear axle contact 5 kinds of working mode and a variety of timer function for a variety of applications to choose from, for example, zui high-speed mode of no more than 30 microseconds, or detection of transparent object model of the glass. Advantages in: * enhanced detection distance, the distance can be up to three times the standard products of external regulation, and called the - * knob Set button to finalize the design in the optional * standard pattern, the enhancement pattern, strong mode dial button switch * delay, delay, no delay mode dial button switch * bright/dark mode dial button switch AVM58N - 032K1R0GN- 1212年,AVM58N - 011 k1r0gn - 1212年,RVI58N - 011 aaa66n - 01024年,RVI78N - 10 ck2a31n - 3000年,RVI58N - 011 k1r61n - 01024年,AVM58N - 011 aakhgn - 1212年,FVM58N - 011 k2r3gn - 1213年,RVI58N - 032K1R61N- 5000年,RVI58N - 011 aar6xn - 5000年,RVI58N - 032AAR66N- 01024年,RHI58N - OBAK1R61N - 1024年,HI58N - OBAK1R6XN - 1024年,RVI58N - 032K1R31N- 00600年,RVI58N - 032K1R31N- 00500年,RHI90N - OHAAAR61N - 1024年,PVS58N - 011AGROBN- 0013年,AVM58N - 011K1RHCN- 1212年,RHI58N - 0 bar1r61n - 1000年,RVI50N - 09年bk0a3tn - 01000年,RVI58N - 011 k1r61n - 5000年,RVI50N - 09年bk0a3tn - 1000, the company has the advantages of brand display: a, pneumatic components: Germany brand: Germany FESTO FESTO pneumatic components, Germany FESTO FESTO solenoid valve, the sea's crown, Japanese brands: Japan SMC pneumatic components, Japan CKD xi qi moving components, Japan koganei pneumatic components, the Italian brand: Italian UNIVER, lush American brands: Italy kang. ROSS in the United States, the United States ASCO solenoid valve two German brand, industrial control products: Germany PILZ peel, relay, Germany IFM Yi Fu door sensors, Germany HEIDENHAIN Hyde han, Germany P + F pepperl + fuchs sensor, Germany RENCON encoder, Germany ShiKe SICK, Germany TURCH figure, and the German HIRSCHMANN HIRSCHMANN industrial switches. MURR Moore Germany heng le, Germany, the German admiralty muller. The Japanese brands: Japan OMRON OMRON sensor, SUNX SUNX, keyence, Japan Mr PuShi, SUMTAK Japan too, encoder, close control encoder within Japan. American brand: bus, BARKSDALE three, hydraulic components American brands: American NUMATICS Newman Aztec, American PARKER, PARKER pneumatic hydraulic, American VICKERS, helwig, American MOOG Robert, FAIRHILD in the United States, American POSEMOUNT rosemount, EMERSON EMERSON in the United States, the United States hash HACH, denison hydraulic components in the United States, the United States John kerry. German brand: Germany HAWE Harvey, Germany REXROTH REXROTH, Germany HYDAC dh, Germany E + H, Germany - ting bo BEKIMO. Japanese brand: the Italian brand in Tokyo, Japan: Italian ATOS ATOS 1, headquartered in Germany, the German head office directly to Europe and the United States produce purchase, more than 5000 suppliers. 2, strong technical force, with professional and technical personnel, the brand can provide technical information of the product. 3, the German company centralized purchasing, unified customs clearance, can provide formal customs declaration form. 4, timely delivery, freight spell list. Two tickets, times weekly shipment from Germany Zhou Keqing good close. Special circumstances can directly go to the client. 5, collaborative process simple, direct source procurement cost is low.

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