Pepperl + fuchs P + F MLV41 - optical fiber sensors LL- RT - The type 2492

by:FOT     2020-06-20

pepperl + fuchs p + F MLV41 - optical fiber sensors LL- RT - Model 2492 features: stable fiber optic equipment sensor, can provide a stable operating performance under various conditions can adjust the sensitivity continuously provide quick clamp lock light fiber installation effect with triangular seal coating aluminum shell pepperl + fuchs P + F MLV41 - optical fiber sensors LL- RT - Type 2492 technical parameters:

general features sensor range (black 6%) White is 36 mm: kodak, reflection coefficient LLR 04-90% up to 120 mm belt 1. 6 - 0. 5 - WC3 fiber optic cable visible red light source type LED light source modulation, average failure time (660 - nm functional safety parameters Days) The service life of the 770 a ( 。 。 。 Month. 。 。 Days) 20 a diagnosis range 0% light/operation key function shows the yellow light, LED light yellow lights when the receiver; Unstable area flashing controller sensitivity adjustment, bright/dark voltage 10 knob electric property work. 。 。 30 V DC output switch type bright/dark when switched on, the swappable & other; Electrical connections throughout the &; In the section specified by the switch mode is suitable for the 'L' position of switch (L/D Light to connect switch) Signal output PNP 2 road, complementary, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, open collector consistency instructions with the system of standards and specifications conform to the EMC directives 2004/108/60947 - ECEN standards 5 - 'Product standards EN 60947-07 conform to the standards 5 - 2:2007IEC 60947 - 5 - '07 mechanical properties shell width 31 mm shell height 56 shell height of 13, 5 mm, 6 mm needle IP67 connection protection grade 4 M12 x 1 connector shell aluminum material, the Delta - Optical fibre optic connection end face Seal coating
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