Pepperl + fuchs OJ500 - optical fiber sensor M1K - Electronics technology parameters

by:FOT     2020-07-06
< P> OJ500 - technical parameters M1K - Electronics < / P> < P> general feature detection distance up to 100 mm ( LMR 18岁 3, 2 - 1, 0 - K4) Detection range up to 600 mm ( LME 18岁 2, 3 - 0, 5 - K3) Light source type LED light source modulation infrared light/operation key function display LED yellow light: switch state and the stability of the LED red light: ( Flashing) Programming controller switch: bright/dark changeover switchselection of the operating frequencyselection of the switching frequencypulse extensionstability control dynamic/static electric property operating voltage controller detection distance adjustment knob 10. 。 。 30 V DC output output switch type bright/dark switching signal output 1 PNP output, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, open collector licensing and certification certification CE mechanical properties protection grade IP67 connector M16terminal compartment, the core cross - 部分≤2。 5 was shell PBT optical lens scratch prevention mineral glass lens < / P>
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