Pepperl + fuchs fiber optic sensor application in packaging industry

by:FOT     2020-06-20

倍加福( P + F pepperl + fuchs) , as a global electronic components for sensing and production leader in the field of automation, with constant innovation, constant quality, steady development, guarantee the achievements so far more than 60 years. P + F sensors remain the international position in technology, products meet international standards and ISO9000 quality for approval, and a highly automated manufacturing, production capacity, established a strong sales and service as much as more than seventy countries around the world network, guarantee the service, to meet the requirements of customers. Fiber optic sensor for small objects detection as well as the special environment, provides the solution. fiber optic equipment amplifier and fiber, can be used in limited space, bad environment, as well as ordinary photoelectric sensor can't work normally high temperature environment. Pepperl + fuchs SU18 and SU19 series fiber amplifier appearance with compact design, with different fiber can satisfy the user different application requirements. Now introduce three types for users to choose. 1, SU18 standard provides simple installation and operation, easily implement routine applications. 2, SU18 enhanced ( SU18/35. 。 。 ) In the absence of lens can realize remote detection. 3, SU19 digital display type, provides the percentage of intuitive display function, can meet the demand of more complex applications. SU18 and SU19 series fiber amplifier to satisfy users of different field application provides a complete solution. The application of sensor in the packaging industry:

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