Part three core optical fiber spectrometer is introduced

by:FOT     2020-07-08
Fiber optic spectrometer due to its advantages of high accuracy, high speed, has become an important measure to spectrum used in the surveying instrument is widely used in agriculture, biology, chemistry, geology, food safety, chromaticity calculation, environmental inspection, medicine and health care, LED, semiconductor industry, petrochemical industry, etc. In general, the fiber optic spectrometer mainly has three core parts, determines the main performance indexes of spectrometer: 1. Incident slit entrance slit slit directly influence the resolution of the spectrometer and luminous flux. Spectrometer detector zui will detect the slit is projected onto a detector on the like, thus directly affects the size of the slit spectrometer, the resolution of the slit is smaller, the higher the resolution, the greater the slit, the lower the resolution; Another slit is light into the spectrometer portal, its size is also directly affect the flux of spectrometer. The slit, the greater the luminous flux, the greater the slit is smaller, the smaller the luminous flux. 2. Diffraction grating diffraction grating diffraction grating from the slit incident light dispersion in space, the light intensity as a function of wavelength. It is the basis of the spectrometer spectroscopic tests, it is the core part of the spectrometer. For a given optical platform and array detector, we can choose different diffraction grating to the spectral range of the spectrometer, spectral resolution and stray light level for additional controls. 3. Detector detector detector is the core part of spectrometer zui, directly determines the spectral range of the spectrometer, sensitivity, resolution and signal-to-noise ratio. In general, the detector material determines the spectral range, silicon detector its wavelength range of 190 - general 1100 nm, and the InGaAs and PbS cover 900 - detector The wavelength of 2900 nm range. And the working principle of detector, the manufacture method and doping material determines the sensitivity, range and signal-to-noise ratio.
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