PA98 - Fiber optic converter (215 Weather station) Technical indicators

by:FOT     2020-06-18
Product introduction

a serial port turn optical fiber transmission, with its advantages of reliability, security and confidentiality, solves the communication distance and communication rate is high, the node number and scattered, but also solve the electromagnetic interference, ground loop interference and lightning damage problem, has won numerous attained renown communication experts. Makes much of its application in the highway, urban intelligent transport, security, industrial automation, power, water conservancy, Banks, etc, become a communication network scheme.

product description:

asynchronous RS - support 232,RS- 485年,RS - 422 communication interface of the fiber optic equipment MODEM, is to connect to a remote terminal unit ( RTU) To the host, 主机) Or distributed data acquisition system ( SCADA) Controller zui preferred choice. Support RS - 232,RS- 485年,RS - More than 422 kinds of asynchronous communication protocol, can mix two RS - at the same time 232,RS- Or RS - 485 422 interface, support 2 line ( Half duplex) RS - 485 and 4 line ( Full duplex) RS - 422 works.

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