Our country optical fiber welding machine sales and the price is introduced

by:FOT     2020-11-06
fiber optic equipment welding machine is mainly used in optical communication optical cable construction and maintenance. Mainly rely on release arc two fusion, at the same time by using the principle of the collimating gently forward, in order to realize the coupling of links. Today, the light into the copper retreated, fiber to the home is the development trend, the implementation of the high-speed broadband technology, is inseparable from the use of welding machine. The 2012 global welding machine consumption value is 4. 3. 7 billion dollars. As a result of the welding machine sales soared, will offset the downturn in prices adverse factors, this part of the market is expected in the next five years, 2013 - 2017) The average annual growth of more than 10% for growth. The Chinese market, as well as the whole FTTx construction, devices and equipment manufacturers in the asia-pacific region influence on welding equipment needs, the future of the asia-pacific region relative market share will also grow. At present, the welding machine on the market in China, the main products are belt welding machine products, product domestic share is very large. The main welding machine products are mainly for imported brands, domestic production is less. As the related industrial policy since 2011, domestic industry technical level, FTTH welding machine market demand to expand. Optical fiber welding machine on the market in our country, zhejiang, hubei, jiangsu larger sales scale. In 2012, jiangsu area concentration reached 36. Concentration of 07%, hubei area reached 17. Concentration of 18%, zhejiang area reached 13. 6%. In 2013, China's welding machine industry product price several thousand yuan to thirty thousand yuan, price of foreign brands in the high-end price, domestic brands in the mid-range price.
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