OTDR pulse width and average time Settings

by:FOT     2020-11-01
In theory, for the same period of fiber optic equipment, the greater the pulse width of god, the greater the distance the test error. But if the pulse width is small, god cannot accurately identify the optical fiber and the noise level at the end of the line. : OmR operator should select the appropriate pulse width according to actual condition, the principle is the guarantee to identify the end of the optical fiber case, as far as possible little to set the pulse width of god, in the end of the guarantee can identify fiber as small as possible to set the pulse width, generally speaking, it is difficult to machine to define the test of the pulse width of god used in relation to the distance, because each fiber optic attenuation is different, it is difficult to use the scale of the standard to measure the pulse width of exactly how to test a certain distance of fiber optic equipment. However, there are two principle must be sure of: 1, the pulse width of god as little as possible to test fiber, so the precision of distance and attenuation can be guaranteed. Pulse width only small enough to be able to see the shape of the curve, roughly can be measured by the average curve 2, when 0 t pulse width to determine the selection of the average time should be long enough, generally between 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The longer the fiber under test, and the average time length ( At the same time pulse bandwidth is about big)
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