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by:FOT     2020-11-11
OTDR optical time domain reflectometer producers to popular science today the OTDR main performance index of optical time domain reflectometer, hope to be able to help more friends like optical communication knowledge, then we will see together! OTDR key performance indicators for the understanding of the performance parameters of OTDR helps the actual fiber OTDR measurement. OTDR performance parameters including dynamic range, blind area, resolution, accuracy, etc. 2. 1 dynamic range ( 动态范围) OTDR optical time domain reflectometer manufacturers tell you dynamic range is one of the most important performance indicators to OTDR, it determines the maximum of the fiber length measurement. Linear dynamic range, the greater the curve, the better, the longer the measurable distance. Dynamic range is not yet a unified standard calculation method [1], the dynamic range of commonly used definition basically has the following four types: (1) the IEC definition ( Bellcore) : one of the commonly used dynamic range definition. After taking signalling to the difference in dB between the scattering peak level and noise level, measuring conditions for OTDR maximum pulse width, measuring time of 180 seconds. (2) the RMS definition: the dynamic range of the most commonly used definition. Take after beginning to scatter level and the difference in dB between the RMS noise level. If the noise level is gaussian distribution, the definition of the RMS value than the IEC definition about 1. 56个分贝。 ③N = 0。 Definition of the db: the definition of the most practical method. Can be measured loss is 0. 1 db when an event is one of the biggest allow attenuation values. N = 0。 Definition of db value than signal-to-noise ratio SNR = 1 the RMS definition of value about 6. 6 db, this means that if the RMS of OTDR has 30 db dynamic range, N = 0. The dynamic range of 1 db defines only 23. 4 db, that is, only in 23. 4 db attenuation range measuring loss of 0. 1 db. (4) the detection ( Enddetection) : 4% of the fiber optic equipment head Fresnel reflection peak and RMS noise level of the dB is poor, this value is higher than that of IEC definition about 12 dB. OTDR optical time domain reflectometer producers are focused on production and sales of optical time domain reflectometer, in OTDR optical time domain reflectometer manufacturer in this field we have deep industry experience, use of equipment maintenance ways have their own unique understanding, please feel free to contact us if you have need, we can help to you!
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