OTDR automatic testing principle is what?

by:FOT     2020-11-04
Physical principle of OTDR main constituent parts: light source, pulse generator, directional coupler, optical detector, amplifier and display. OTDR main functions: measuring the fiber attenuation, splicing loss, fiber length, fiber fault position, optical fiber loss distribution along the length. OTDR automatic test is in a don't know long fiber chain condition, hope instrument can match a suitable range and pulse width to test. Automatic test on tunnel, should be able to do automatic matching range, pulse width automatically match, automatic matching test time. Ordinary, different manufacturers for the automatic testing algorithm of finish is different, the hardware and relationship is very large. Different vendors to the different hardware features, support for the test are different. I compare familiar with 34 OTDR, it USES the way is the looming detection method. With big range pulse width to detect first, then based on the results further confirmed accurately. Do if the hardware is not strong, it's a long story in detail, in simple terms, is the laser rangefinder used in fiber optic equipment. If there is damage, optical fiber somewhere special return signal is compare with, for ordinary space positioning accuracy in meters, is not particularly high, but about the test in a wide range, is enough. Based on this, can progress through optical coherence to test accuracy of OTDR. Can also using brillouin scattering to test compare with tiny changes of signals, can be used to measure the strain distribution.
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