OTDR automatic fault diagnosis and eliminate the fun

by:FOT     2020-07-13
OTDR automatic fault diagnosis and eliminate the fun one day I received a phone call an interesting looking for technical support, I think you will also feel very interesting. A client sent us a trajectory, it is this period of time since we saw one of the more ugly trajectory. 'Hurry help look at what happened? 'As usual, he was very anxious, he think the boss is going to kill him, the network is not good, he is on the way home from work I saw a dog and a cat became good friends. Please to send the trace files to us, better to send the original. The FLW format. There are a lot of very useful information for us, for example, you are using a type of tester, firmware version, and fault condition. OTDR trajectory is difficult to interpret, and very few people have related experience. Modern OTDR usually provide some interpretation can help track packages. Fluke Networks Optifiber Pro with famous for EventMap module 'experts', can help you interpret fiber optic equipment path. This is the third generation of our excellent experts track reader. According to the above situation, at first glance, interpret the result may be disappoint the customer. This picture below trajectory figure figure with the customer to our very similar: fiber event graph ( 活动图) As follows: every time I see such fiber event figure, in my mind, I will ring alarm bells. First of all, we don't worry about fiber optic equipment the events of 200 meters; We need to worry about is an event. Through the optical fiber to view like through a window to look out. If the dirt or broken glass, it is difficult to see what is happening outside. Another thing is I need to check by expert module ( Export Module) Determine the configuration of the. This helps OTDR selection used in the analysis of range ( The range) , pulse width and average time. If you like, you can use these features in manual mode at any time; But in most cases, the automatic mode can be found that the problem, also can better is found outside wiring problem. Through the path we saw, manual mode under the 1300 nm wavelength chose a very wide pulse, so the track looks very strange. I by viewing the OTDR test parameter Settings to confirm this. First of all, we can see that the instrument in the automatic mode 'Auto OTDR' work. Under the 850 nm wavelength, OTDR chose 20 ns pulse, but in the 1300 wavelengths, chose 1000 ns pulse. Once upon a time, I will blame on OTDR, accused said, 'what are you thinking? ! 吗? 'In this configuration, but now I see, it is to do their best. That is to say, I want to one-time solve all fiber events, but I can't see the X metres events outside the status of the fiber optic cable. Is above the customer meet this situation. Fiber of a certain event happened about 159 meters, is apart from the access of optical fiber 51 meters, before we solve this problem, it doesn't matter the rest of the trajectory. No combination through this event, pulse width, and the average time to provide us with a clear path. We reply to the customer, please check them on the fiber link of it. Our technical support hotline service does not end there. If we answer the customer's questions, but don't know more test results, we will continue to follow up. The customer feedback to us, they found that a series of mechanical joint, one next to one. They will take out these joint, the weld back into a line link, successfully solved the fault. In short, the EventMap expert module of OTDR trajectory analysis is very useful. If you get the event figure looks unreasonable, events or the picture is too much, please begin from event to solve the problem. If an event does not deal with, it's hard to tell the rest of the fiber. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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