Original keyence principle of optical fiber amplifier applications

by:FOT     2020-06-30

original keyence principle of optical fiber amplifier applications

keyence optical amplifier step methods: panel displays and the actual output is synchronized, if panel display is normal, then optical amplifier output is normal, if this case testing optical amplifier power decrease or not enough time, zui big likely is the following: 1. Optical power meter, home-made optical power meter can only test the optical power output smaller equipment, can't test power output of EDFA, optical power meter test optical amplifier must be imported, can't not accurate instrument used as the standard. 2. Outlet flange is damaged, the less likely. 3. Users use undeserved, tail plug when the machine is working fine, burns optical amplifier output tail fiber head, cause the loss of optical amplifier output power, such as this occurs, as long as to welding optical amplifier output connector. 4. Users using tail fiber the poor quality of fiber core is too long, the insert bruised tail after the fiber optical amplifier output connectors, this phenomenon is the * of the test is good, the second light power down when inserted into the test again, the solution to this problem is also as long as to welding optical amplifier output connector can, 5. The wavelength of light source is wrong, if the wavelength of 1550 nm light transmitter has a deviation, can cause optical amplifier output optical power is not enough, also can cause small panel displays. 6. Smaller light power of input optical amplifier, spot keyence keyence principle of optical fiber amplifier application principle and application of optical fiber amplifier, optical amplifier has been developed rapidly in recent years, on the optical fiber communication technology has sparked a revolution. In long distance trunk communication, it can make the optical signal directly in the light of amplification, without conversion to electrical signals for information processing, with all-optical relay instead of a electric light relay. The lower cost and simple equipment, maintenance, operation is convenient, especially the emergence of EDFA, promoting and driving the optical fiber communication in the field of several important the development of new technology, the overall level of fiber optic equipment communication on a new stage, it has, and will continue to have far-reaching impact on the development of optical fiber communication. Optical amplifier are semiconductor optical amplifier and nonlinear fiber amplifier ( Stimulated Raman scattering fiber optic equipment amplifier and stimulated brillouin scattering optical fiber amplifier) , doped fiber amplifier ( Including the EDFA, doped fiber amplifier wrong, etc. ) 。 ( l) Semiconductor optical amplifier. Semiconductor optical amplifier is the study of early optical amplifier and its advantages are: small size, can make full use of existing semiconductor laser technology, processing technology mature and easy to integrate with other light machine parts, it in WDM optical fiber communication system as a closed door is open and wavelength conversion; In addition, its working band can cover 1300 nm and artful, 00 nm band EDFA is unable to realize.

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