Optical transceiver HH - 燃煤。 20SM- D

by:FOT     2020-06-24

optical transceiver HH - 燃煤。 20SM- D is used to convert Ethernet signals into optical signal of photoelectric signal converter, its characteristic is to use a pair of ( Core) Optical fiber can be synchronized to send and receive light signals as the form of a light pulse signal in one thousand kinds of signals, so the light relative to the copper wire has many advantages: safety, reliability, transmission speed, transmission distance is very suitable for local area network (LAN), network, adopts the modular design is convenient for frame for centralized management. Double fiber bidirectional transceiver one RJ45 interfaces and 1 SC single core, used to connect twisted-pair cable and , respectively. Single fiber transceiver has 6 LED lights: POWER, TX100, FX100, FX Link/Act, TX Link/Act, Fdx. TX: interface signal launch RX: said fiber interface LAN: reception said RJ45 network interface optical transceiver HH - 燃煤。 20SM- D performance: meet the IEEE802. 3u ,100Base- TX and base - 100 FX standard provides a multimode fiber type SC port and a RJ - Modular structure design (45 port Centralized power supply on the frame) Multimode connection transmission distance of 2 km support store-and-forward mode supports full-duplex/port support Auto - half duplex working way MDI/MDIX automatically turn the LED indicator light signal, the dynamic feedback link and fault monitoring support hot plug, plug and play an average trouble-free time in more than 50000 hours with three years of quality assurance and lifetime maintenance services optical transceiver HH - 燃煤。 20SM- D technology parameter standard: IEEE802. 3u ,10/100Base- TX and base - 100 FX works: full duplex/half duplex working wavelength: 1310 nm connector: a UTP RJ - 45 interface, the one of SC interface LED light: POWER, TX100 TXLink/ACT, FX100 FXLink/ACT, FDX transmission speed: 100 MB/s temperature: 0 50 ℃ relative humidity: 5% 90% IP cable Cat. 5 UTP Cable, fiber optic Cable: 50/125 on conversion. 5/125 um multimode power specifications: input AC: 110 - 265 v DC output: 5 v @ 1 a ripple & le; 50 mv appearance size: 95 mm & times; 71毫米× 25毫米( External type power supply)

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