Optical time domain reflectometer (OptiFiber Pro OFP2- 100 - Q) A simple introduction

by:FOT     2020-11-08
Optical time domain reflectometer (OptiFiber Pro OTDR) Module is used to connect Versiv and Versiv 2 main equipments to robust hand-held tester, is used to search, recognition and measurement of single mode and multimode optical fiber reflection and loss events. For multimode optical fiber, the 1300 - nm wavelengths of typical maximum test range of 35 km, for the single mode fiber, its maximum 1550 nm light waves of typical test distance of 130 km. Tester consists of the following features: low OTDR curve and automatic analysis of events helps in multimode ( 850 nm and 1300 nm; 50 microns, and 62. 5 μm) And single mode ( 1310 nm and 1550 nm) Identifying and locating fault on the optical fiber. Low to OTDR results show that the figure for intuitive event, the event table and OTDR curve. Low automatic two-way average can provide more accurate than one-way measuring loss measurements. According to the specified test limit for 'through' or 'fail' result. If no need to 'pass' or 'failure' as a result, can use 'Document Only' ( Is only used to record) Test limit. Low touch screen allows users to quickly navigate between different results view, and for more information on events. Low SmartLoop tests: through a test for you to provide the link of the two results of fiber optic equipment OTDR. Low with shorter links, connection and more may reflect a larger fiber testing facilities, OTDR data center? The test can provide the best performance. Low FaultMap test can map cable layout, view only 0. 5 m long jumpers and has a bad reflection events. Low visual fault locator help to verify the continuity of optical fiber and optical fiber and joint of the fault. Low FiberInspector video probe option can be used to check the fiber end face and to save the image in the test report. More details: http://www. faxy - 技术。 com/products/ofp2- 100 - q。 超文本标记语言
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