Optical switches, the availability of storage system

by:FOT     2020-07-05

fiber switch the availability of storage system

RS - 610008 - 16 - EAC classification: optical storage system switches release date: 2014 - 09 - 03十六22 RS - 610008 - 16 - EAC rs610008 - 16 - EACSAN switches can satisfy the business enterprise current SAN management performance, availability, scalability and efficiency requirements. Relying on hersman expertise, hirschmann switches help enterprise to optimize the storage network resources, meet the requirements of zui demanding, thus ensure high resource utilization, simplify the management and provide the architecture of the scalability. RS610008 - 16 eac 48 p, 16 gb SWL SFPs, BR, AC, ENT BUNDLE, the PORT SIDE EXHAUST AIR FLOW

optical storage system switches the availability of

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