Optical optical display technology is expected to be innovative smart glasses

by:FOT     2020-07-12
Optical optical display technology is expected to be innovative intelligent glasses

Finland VTT technical research center scientists have developed a can let smart glasses become less weird new display technology, compared with the current most high-tech glasses, it has more light and the characteristics of discrete components.

the new display technology can make the 'screen' smart glasses directly embedded into the lens, so its appearance can be quite a streamlined and close to the common glasses, not too abrupt and arouse people's social panic.

this technology is the core of the optical optical ( 光波导光学) , and is expected to become a critical part of the next generation of intelligent glasses. Participating scientists say: the new screen highly transparent, lightweight, its thickness is only 1 mm; More importantly, you can make it and integrated into any existing lens.

the VTT subsidiary Dispelix Oy has created a can form 60 inches television the size of the image display. The feeling of wearing it, it is like standing on the distance of 3 m away from the field of vision is about twice the Google glasses. From production is less than 1 year.

use the technology of screen manufacturers, can be designed into the effect of the monochrome or color display. According to different purposes, it also supports glass and plastic, even the current generation of intelligent glasses.

Dispelix said, it is now working with industry partners hand in hand to achieve mass production, the goal is to provide products to consumers in the next year.

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