Optical information and optical fiber communication experiment system of the main experiment content and features

by:FOT     2020-06-20

instrument is introduced in this experiment is mainly based on fiber optics, fiber optic equipment sensor and design of optical communication and other related disciplines, is the student learning and understanding of fiber optics as a frontier science in the development of modern science and technology plays an important role, and master the related basic theory and basic operation through the experiment, lay a solid foundation for future learning. Instrument features novel content, compact structure, functional diversity, design closely with teaching combined with the 15 experiment: four fiber optics experiment, five experiments, fiber optic components three optical fiber sensor experiment, the optical communication principle experiment achieved four wavelength ( λ = 632. 8纳米,650 nm、1310 nm, 1550海里) The optical fiber sensing and communication experiment content 1, basic knowledge of fiber optical demonstration experiment 2, the light source and the coupling method numerical aperture (experiment 3, multimode fiber NA) Measurement experiment 4, 5, optical fiber transmission loss properties and measurement experiment for measuring the parameters of optical splitter, 6, 7 adjustable optical attenuator and parameter measurement, optical isolator and parameter measurement experiment, fiber optical switch 8, 9, wavelength division multiplexing ( WDM) The original 10, M - rational experiment Z fiber optic equipment interference experiment, optical fiber temperature sensing principle 11 12 13, optical transmitter, fiber optic equipment pressure sensing experiment extinction ratio measurement experiment of 14, erbium doped fiber amplifier, the original rational experiment 15, open audio analog signal transmission

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