Optical information and optical communication experiment system

by:FOT     2020-11-15

and optical communication experiment system models: HAD - WGX - 6

product details HAD - WGX - 6 type and optical communication experiment system is mainly to light source, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, multidimensional adjustment, guide rail, receive, screen and other components integrated together, form HAD - WGX - 6 type experiment system of the host. This product is mainly used for fiber optics, sensing and optical communications professional teaching, make students understand and grasp the basic principle of information related to the optical communication and the basic operation. In addition, there are 1550 nm, 650 nm illuminant, 632 light source. 8 nm light three sets of light for the teacher to carry out the other optical experiments.

1 can open experiment. Fiber optical basic knowledge demonstration experiment; 2. The light source and coupling methods experiment; 3. Multimode fiber numerical aperture ( NA) Measurement experiment; 4. Optical fiber transmission loss properties and measurement experiment; 5. Experiment for measuring the parameters of optical beam splitter; 6. Adjustable optical attenuator and parameter measurement experiment; 7. Optical isolator and parameter measurement experiment; 8. fiber optic equipment pressure sensing principle experiment; 9. Principle of temperature sensing experiment; 10. 马赫- Zehnder interference principle experiment. 1

main characteristic. Experiment system integration is high, the main function module integrated in the experiment on a host. 2. Experimental system including the use of three wavelength of 633 nm, 650 nm, 1550 nm. 3. Experiment system has simple structure, convenient for observation, easy to operate, is helpful to inspire students' thinking and understanding, more can improve students' practical ability. 4. This system USES fiber as the transmission device and the light sensor, through the sensing the change of temperature, stress, observe the change of the output light, students can more deeply understand the principle of sensing. In addition, there are 1550 nm, 650 nm illuminant, 632 light source. 8 nm light three sets of light for teacher use to carry out other optical experiments. Performance index and parameters of 1550 nm light source: power P1550 & gt; 1 mw 650 nm light source: power P650 & gt; 0. 4 mw 632。 8 nm light source: power P632. 8> 0. 5 mw complete sex: experimental host, He - Ne laser, laser power meter, optical power meter ( 1310 & 1550海里) , optical isolator, double window splitter, adjustable optical attenuator, fiber optic jumper, single mode fiber, multimode fiber , cutting knife, stripping pliers instructions WGX - Type 6 lab handouts. Doc

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