Optical fiber welding technology principle is what?

by:FOT     2020-11-12
The current mainstream welding adopt is to add hot melt connection, using the welding machine. Steps are aligning : first placed after cutting good two optical fibers cleaning in fixture of the welding machine, welding machine used more lateral imaging method for axis, two end face image for image processing, confirm the cutting precision end face; The next step is prevention electricity to preheat plastic end face; Finally is within the internal environment of the discharge, move a to another, complete fusion, two optical fibers to form within a given loss of melting point. 2, what is the main tool of the fusion or move? Engaged in welding essential tools mainly include: peel fiber pliers, cutting knife, air-laid paper + alcohol ( Or alcohol cotton) , scissors, wire cutter, red pen, welding machine and so on, from the peel fiber, clean and cut to the final welding, these tools can help us to complete a qualified welding. 3, welding machine expensive? About welding, there is a high comments on zhihu post, said the & other Have what look cheap but valuable to the incredible & throughout; , here are a netizen ( welding counterparts) Posted a welding machine and cutting knife, said that the welding machine in an imported to ten, with welding machine used in cutting knife, blade, with digital thumb fingernail better several thousand dollars, was looking at small but expensive. This reply received more than one thousand praise, also says the welding people's voice, as the tool of necessary job, the equipment and consumables is really expensive. welding machine and cutting knife so expensive normal? — — About this problem, liu's answer is & other; Normal & throughout; , although looks are small machinery and equipment, but fiber cutting knife can accurate cutting small to discusses some related problems of 9 m diameter, microscopic fragments can also ensure that will not affect the light transmission, but also will be broken after welding quartz glass light intact picked up no gap also can ensure normal transmission, it serves to show small machines. welding work, of course, in addition to the expensive equipment, but also has a mature technology, also please cherish side we are working in the field of welding!
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