Optical fiber welding machine which brand is better?

by:FOT     2020-10-31
fiber optic equipment welding machine for communication engineering staff, is one of the important equipment need to use every day. A handy, stable performance, speed smooth, welding of low dissipation device allows you to work every day is full of joy, improve work efficiency. Welding machine market at present, relatively chaos, welding machine is more brand. fiber optic equipment welding machine which brand is better? When choosing a brand needs to see what? 1. Optical fiber alignment method and core magnification welding machine on the way into the fiber core alignment and packet layer alignment. Aim for cladding welding machine, FTTH fiber core X, Y axis is usually in the magnification of 180 times at the same time, X/Y axis separate magnification of 300 times, for long-distance trunk welding machine, need to choose fiber core on the way of welding machine, usually in the fiber core X, Y axis and magnification of 320 times, 520 times X/Y magnification alone. Fiber core on the welding machine than the cladding on the welding machine performance is good, magnification of welding machine welding loss will be more low. 2. Battery capacity and the number of welding battery capacity and number of welding is that the choice of welding machine of a relatively important indicator. General welding machine data will indicate the battery capacity and the number of welding, welding machine generally range from 3000 mah to 9800 mah battery capacity, according to the welding time, heating time, the number of welding in the 160 - 355 times, sometimes the same brand welding machine to meet different user requirements, will choose to reduce the battery capacity to improve the whole ratio of welding machine. Battery capacity and the selection of number of welding, the need to choose based on what quantity every time. Choose the battery capacity small welding machine, can be equipped with two pieces of battery or mobile power to solve. Optical fiber welding machine which brand is better? Small make up recommend communication technology co. , LTD. After-sales service is one of the biggest, in the industry do all three requirements: all-weather & ndash; — 24-hour hotline, 24 hour repair service solution, maintenance in place 48 hours, 365 days service not intermittent; Comprehensive & ndash; — Comprehensive to provide from the product pre-sales consulting, the checking, maintenance, maintenance and after-sales service; All professional & ndash; — Professional service team, professional service tools, 100% professional services, to ensure the quality of service. Four don't leak: a record of user information without skipping and establish the computer files; A record without skipping users reflect the problem and feedback to related departments; Not a solution to the problems existing in the user and until the user satisfaction; A return visit to review the user without skipping reflect problems are not tracked on a regular basis.
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