Optical fiber welding machine principle and maintenance process is what?

by:FOT     2020-11-07
The working principle of welding machine are the two cross section using high voltage arc melting at the same time let two optical fibers with high precision motion gently push merge into one, in order to realize the mode field coupling. Aim: now the most commonly used welding machine are of two core alignment, find the core of the fiber through optical camera ( The quality of the more accurate the better, of course, loss is smaller; Usually imported high precision welding machine in domestic welding machine) 。 Discharge: two rods electrode release of instantaneous high pressure ( Probably a few kv) , produce moments of arc, arc will produce high temperature, will have been at the forefront of two high temperature melting, and because the fiber is silica material, which is usually said glass ( of higher purity, of course) Melt, will reach the melting point, then two fiber slightly forward, two is connected together. Hot shrinkage: set of heat shrinkable tube ( Rubber) , the welding parts wrapped in the heating furnace in the welding machine for heating, cooling after will protect coated welding parts. welding machine don't boot, the reason: the keyboard is damaged; The power adapter is broken; The main circuit fault. Turns on, but a weld is turned off. Reason: the main circuit fault;   Ignition coil circuit malfunction. welding machine can be normal boot, normal welding, but doesn't close the machine. Reason: the keyboard failure; The main circuit fault. welding machine crashes ( A welding freezes or welding for a period of time to crash) Reason: the main circuit fault ( Common) 。 Turns on, but the motor continuously turn, cannot be reset; Reason: & ensp; The main circuit fault. Welding machine X or Y a blank screen, there is little possibility of two fields blank screen at the same time. Reason: the CCD is broken; The main circuit fault.
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