Optical fiber welding machine operation

by:FOT     2020-11-03
In front of the fiber optic equipment welding the machine into the calibration is very important, especially to adjust the intensity of the electric arc and current intensity, ensure the size of appropriate welding. If not calibration, cutting tools are likely to accumulate a large amount of calcium, lead to weld can't get a satisfactory result. Calibration method: put the fiber in the welding machine, just like welding needs to be done, but not for real welding, but to the welding machine maintenance menu, select arc calibration options or arc back test, welding machine calibration will tell the operator step by step how to do it. Appear fiber optic microbend is usually caused by excessive pressure on light ( Fixed too tight, the equipment panel there is something wrong with the rotor position) , this kind of situation to cause a decline in quality of signal transmission, and generally observed this issue could not be visible to the naked eye, can only use OTDR to determine. Solution: packed in transparent casing to melt contact of the pine casing can shape form sealing bag, the casing is placed into a connection plate fixation. The combination of fixed in hard plastic casing outer slide freely, so that you can avoid moving light squeeze. If the fiber optic equipment more than the minimum bending radius, will damage the cable and optical fiber in the sheath. Excessive bending causes signal attenuation. Excessive bending commonly occur in the expansion of the cable tight and are placed on the base is too small; Or the builders use mouse ear or buckle to fixed aerial optical cable.
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