Optical fiber welding machine operation steps?

by:FOT     2020-11-10
fiber optic equipment welding, refers to the preparation including strip cladding end face, clean and cut the link. In work place, the supply of connection, open welding electrical source, start the welding machine, discharge experiment was carried out. Preparation of . Put in welding machine, welding operation, the protection of the melting point. Optical fiber welding machine when working in the preparation, welding operation essentials: cutting knife, stripping pliers ( Coated pliers) , heat shrinkable tube, cleaning tools ( Alcohol ( Purity> 99%) Or alcohol pump, cotton, or clean paper, fine cotton bar) 。 Adjust the display position. Adjust the display to the most easily observed position or point of view. Optical fiber welding electrical source connection, communication power supply, battery, or use the DC adapter is connected external battery. Use the AC power: use the AC adapter and AC power cord to the welding machine power supply. Confirmation before operation, check the power supply is 100 ~ 240 vac, 50 ~ 60 hz. When using the generator, and always check before wiring the output voltage of generator. To ensure safe and reliable ac power cord. Insert the power cord end welding machine AC input port of the AC power supply, then the other end of the power cord connected to the AC plug. Use the battery ( ) of battery : using the battery charge for the welding machine power supply. Open the fiber welding electrical source, start the welding machine. Discharge tests are carried out. The discharge test is to determine welding machine depletion of the important parameters. Automatic welding machine is equipped with in best discharge intensity test function. Best discharge intensity due to , the condition of environment, the electrode stick vary, the following situations require discharge test. In testing the discharge, the machine will be based on the selected conditions automatically adjust the intensity of discharge. This kind of condition even to cut off the welding electrical source can also be stored in the machine. The preparation of , is placed in the welding machine. Welding operations, began to welding, cutting Angle measurement and alignment operation, arc discharge heating, welding inspection, weld loss estimation, record the welding result, take out the . Contact melting of protection.
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