Optical fiber welding machine offer how many money?

by:FOT     2020-11-06
fiber optic equipment welding machine is a set of optical, mechanical, circuit for the integration of high precision instruments, especially in the process of daily use dirty environment using dust is inevitable, clastic and fiber enter into equipment, optical system and electrode, stuck motors, corrosion circuit, etc. , lead to identification, splicing loss bigger, discharge is not stable, welding quality, welding time, reduce work efficiency, etc. , with the increase of use fixed number of year, the motor and the initial position of mechanical parts and precision will appear deviation, if not timely maintenance can accelerate the internal components ageing, affect the service life of the equipment. Do you ever trying to cut half a day in the fiber in welding machine, the results of core for half a day, sign up for a mistake, take it out and let it repeated many times just to melt a core, low efficiency, in the heart of be agitated feeling can let a person crazy, couldn't dropped the welding machine. If you encounter the above said those problems, it's time to think of the machine is to do maintenance, normal frequency is 1 year or so to do maintenance at a time, if the device using high frequency or environment evil slightly shorten the maintenance period. fiber optic equipment welding machine offer how many money? Optical fiber welding machine can be divided into two kinds, one kind of imported welding machine: ranging from 10000 to 50000, the price is mainly concentrated in the end product 10000 3; Category of domestic from 8000 to 10000, mainly in around 9000. fiber optic equipment welding machine price changes quickly, the price immediately. Different models, different brand, different producing area, price difference is very big, the price is in 5000 - Between 25000.
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