Optical fiber welding machine for maintenance?

by:FOT     2020-11-07
As welding machine gradually popular, a lot of new friends to weld the opportunities to question many of them can be solved to maintain, as a professional manufacturer, our philosophy is: don't open the machine internal cases, customers as far as possible to solve. This also need not long distance delivery, save time. Below we together to discuss about the basic knowledge about the use of welding machine maintenance. Optical fiber welding machine boot no response, open welding machine, screen and buttons. Solution: remove the battery, through the adapter directly boot, eliminate battery problem in the first place. Optical fiber welding machine after startup, show only the icon, the machine no other actions. Solution: 1, you push hard on the & quot; Reset & quot; Key, and then let go, again and again several times, see if I can solve the problem; Remove battery, remounted, see whether the battery contact is not good. Fiber move forward and then move forward to a certain position, the display & quot; Heavily armoured & quot; 。 The solution: cutting length can not meet the requirements. Clean up the V groove. Optical fiber welding machine screen dimmed and no image, finally display & quot; Heavily armoured & quot; , not welding equipment. Solution: adjust the equipment CMOS value. Check the magnet of the wind cap for loss. In the process of the core, while fiber image in the vertical direction, on both ends of the end face not neat, no welding. Solution: use a sharpening of the toothpick to touch alcohol wipe down V groove single direction, several times. Then completes the end face of the head on the bottom of the V groove V groove by pushing forward smoothness. Wipe the two microscope lens. Welding is normal, test loss is big. The solution: arc discharge experiment and test.
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