Optical fiber welding machine for detailed information, and how to use it

by:FOT     2020-11-12
As the use of fiber optic products popular, you may be somewhat to the price and principle of welding machine, the following will be Shared with everyone is welding machine for detailed information, and how to use it. Clear welding machine price and the principle of welding machine is very important, in order to quality reputation in the wiring project, we learn together. A weld, the purpose of the fiber optic connection: active connection ( Connector connection) Melting connection ( Optical fiber welding machine) Chemical adhesive connection ( Some laboratory) We know that there are many advantages of communication itself, but the connection is not as easy as wires, welding machine is the use of arc discharge principle of welding machine 2, 1: how to carry out welding tools: host, cutting knife, , stripping pliers, alcohol, Best industrial alcohol 99%, with 75% of medical alcohol can also) , cotton, Also can use tissues) , heat shrinkable casing 2: discharge experiment, the purpose: to make welding machine to adapt to the current environment, why do: better adapt to the environment, discharge more fully, welding effect is better what to do: 1, adding fiber, select & other; Discharge experiment & throughout; Function, press & other; SET” Key, the screen shows the discharge intensity, until & other; Discharge OK“ So far. 2, air discharge, press the ARC to do many, many times: process will appear & other; Weak too discharge, discharge & other; OK, until discharge. What time do: 1, the position is changed ( Generally more than 300 km) 2, elevation changes ( Generally more than 1000 m) , 3, must need to do after replacing electrode discharge, latitude, 4 change note: not every time to do discharge experiment before welding. 3; Confirm your welding of fiber types and need to be heated by the heat shrinkable casing type, how to choose: type: in welding mode choice SMF, MF, DSF, NZDF, etc; Heat shrinkable sleeve type: in heating mode choice, general heat shrinkable casing two minutes and 40 mm, 60 mm, of course, there are the manufacturers according to their production of welding machine to customized heat shrinkable casing. Don't let it appear today does not match the phenomenon above is bring about welding machine of the principle of sharing, in hope to bring help at the same time, also hope to have more friends, help do better!
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