Optical fiber welding machine equipment failures encountered in daily work

by:FOT     2020-11-12
fiber optic equipment welding machine in use process will encounter all sorts of problems lead to machine malfunction, if appear this kind of situation will be brought greatly inconvenient in engineering. If staff have some method of troubleshooting, the scene will be able to own the machine maintenance, need not cost the manpower and financial resources to solve the problem. Small make up next to introduce some daily work will meet machine failure problem and its solution. Fiber optic imaging fiber core thickness deviation is too big or inconsistent a large part of such problems is the cause of V groove there is dirty thing, need to clean the V groove. First will be visible to the naked eye in the V groove of the stolen goods, and then gently with anhydrous alcohol to wipe, remember that not can use hard objects to clean operation of V groove, so it is easy to cause damage to the V groove. Can't find the fiber or fiber end face not received pollution clean surface of optical system, also said the camera lens or mirror slice isn't clean. With anhydrous alcohol clean the camera lens and fiber mirror slice. Alcohol dry after weld at test, observe whether normal, if the problem was not solved, then you need to send to the maintenance department for repair. Fiber optical direction kept up and down (automatic calibration, first press the reset button to reset the system, check the Y/Z direction of the end face position deviation is less than 0. 5 mm, if less than 0. 5 mm, continue to check whether the and V groove is clean, and then observe the platen can compaction fiber, if everything is all right or appear these problems, the need to repair for repair. fiber optic equipment welding part is unusual, electrode discharge uneven emergence reason is mainly because the tip of the electrode was oxidized, oxide electrode tip can lead to the asymmetry of discharge electrodes, resulting in the quality of the welding problems. Electrodes is removed for cleaning, if still can't normal discharge after cleaning, need to replace the electrodes. Electrodes are vulnerable consumables, generally in the weld 500 times or so, the need for clean, about 4000 times the best replacement new electrode. Damage is easy to result in abnormal discharge of electrode discharge breakdown welding machine precision parts and components, causing a greater loss. Replace the electrode discharge must be done after correction. Regular maintenance of welding is a very important work, to reduce the failure rate of the machine, to increase the working efficiency of the machine and increase the service life of machine.
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