Optical fiber uv curing box technical specifications

by:FOT     2020-06-23

fiber UV curing box also called UV UV curing box, just as its name implies is to ultraviolet (UV) for special glue curing technology principle, a device into the industry, widely by the institute of war, yofc and a big favor.

general UV curing box is a kind of multi-functional UV curing box for suitable for UV curing adhesive surface coating adhesive meet | wire | | optical adhesive sealing assembly adhesive | | microelectronics IC protection | | | glass chip IC chip bare chip seal assembly | | electronic materials | reinforcement with adhesives and UV curing light. General uv curing box design simple, very useful and reliable, basic does not require any training and set a time, the system is ideal for those who need to move the curing application.

wuhan was developed by measuring test equipment co. , LTD. fiber optic equipment of uv curing box not only learned the general curing box technology advantages, at the same time, according to the special properties of the fiber, upgrading is made for the box body, the is greatly enhanced uv curing box of specificity, improve the efficiency of curing.

fiber uv curing box technology parameters: temperature: room temperature + 10 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ ( Adjustable) The temperature range of light: 60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ ( Adjustable) Temperature fluctuation degree: & plusmn or less; 1. 0 ℃ control accuracy: 0. 1 ℃ in pieces samples and tube distance: 180 mm or less heating power: 0. 5 kw lamp power: 0. 75千瓦( 2 a) The motor power: 0. 1千瓦( 2) Will be subject to actual demand uv wavelength: 350 nm Pieces 450 nm range of temperature control of time: 0 ~ 9990 hours sample pieces adjustable speed: according to the test requirements of adjustable

fiber uv curing box, compared to the general curing box in duct technology not only greatly improve, improve the degree of temperature control; At the same time also increased the sample rotation axis, achieving a uniform sample under ultraviolet light by light, curing efficiency improved.

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